Ted Cruz and Scott Walker

Ted Cruz and Scott Walker2

Ted Cruz and Scott Walker3

It probably will not surprise you to learn that I would not favor any Republican for the Presidency right now. Rand Paul shows poorly in these days when the right wing is so extreme. He doesn’t really fit anywhere and he cannot find his footing. He does not seem to have the confidence, or is it just the chutzpa, to be Presidential. Chris Christie is just a bully. Teddy Roosevelt spoke bluntly but he was not mean with it. Chris Christie does not have the patience to be the leader of our nation. Mike Huckabee is too much of an evangelical to get elected. Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, and Bobby Jindal are too politically clueless to get elected. Jed Bush I could probably listen to if I absolutely had to without constantly shaking my fists at the heavens.

The potential candidate I feared most until now was Ted Cruz. Now I can add Scott Walker to that list. I have not seen any reason to believe that Ted Cruz has any policies in his repertoire that a Democrat would find palatable. He is morally stern and unbending. He seems to always be sneering at us peons. He mistakes compassion for communism. He is an educated man who supports ignorance and dogma. He is a son of a refugee who feels superior to immigrants who may have come to America for almost the exact same reasons Ted Cruz’s father did.


I cannot imagine what laws America will pass should he reign (and it will feel like we have a monarch). He seems to have a passion for Federalism which does not bode well for a strong central government. Because Republicans know that Democrats fear him it is highly likely that they could elect him from spite, although they will not enjoy his policies any more than the rest of us will.

However, now that Scott Walker has arrived on the scene I have another opportunity to worry. I don’t think he has been around long enough to be elected President but Republicans do love the havoc he has raised in Wisconsin. They are thrilled to let us see “the new world order”, a truly privatized society with all aspects of our lives controlled by business and corporations. Republicans will enjoy electing whichever of these two men upsets us most and it remains to be seen what tactics will be brought into play to convince the undecided or sway the discontented.

Ted Cruz and Scott Walker4

I hated when right wing talkers used Hitler references when talking about Obama but I cannot look at Scott Walker without thinking of Hitler. There is just something about the way he looks and acts. Scott Walker, however, does not seem like someone who makes policy; he actually seems as if he enjoys enforcing policy. He also seems able to make people fear him more than they love him.

I don’t know which man would make me more nervous were he to be elected our President in 2016. I know, with all my heart and soul and mind that I don’t wish for either one of them. Usually they say “don’t wish for what you want because you might get it; in this case I am worried that the universe might be perverse enough to change that to “don’t wish for what you don’t want because you might get it.”

By Nancy Brisson

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