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Republicans: On My Last Nerve


I said that we could compare our nation to a well-aligned vehicle. If forced to drive the nation with no hands on the wheel (because Republicans) we have our laws and our Constitution to keep us chugging a middle line. We also know that a car cannot be driven any great distance with no hands on the wheel. The road has twists and turns. Our destination is not always straight ahead.

I believe we have reached a time when it will be hazardous to our nation if we plan to continue to just trust the good mechanics of our predecessors. There are issues that require attention, lots of issues requiring lots of skilled attention. If Republicans ruin America because of their refusal to abandon an agenda that is clearly unpopular, indefensible, self-serving, and counterproductive we will all pay for their boneheadedness.

In the midst of the current exposure of an American town that is terrorized by its police force because of entrenched racism and a brutal terror group beheading one of our journalists, announcing their intention to behead another journalist, and threatening to turn the entire world into a Muslim Caliphate, Mitch McConnell chooses to pick up the petty partisan war between Republicans and Democrats. Perhaps he is using the ISIS playbook because he seems to have mastered meanness. He says that if America doesn’t adopt the Republican agenda and stop looking for things like raising the minimum wage and ways to reverse income inequality (which has gotten out of hand), then Republicans will once again shut down the government. Everything Republicans do is about getting elected and yet all the things they do make them less and less electable.

McConnell – put your stupid antique butt in your Senate seat, roll up your shirt sleeves and stop acting like you are omniscient and omnipotent. Stop acting like we all have to do your bidding.  How exactly does that fit into a democracy? File your Republican agenda, which we have heard you folks repeat so often that we practically know it by heart, that agenda we find heartless and unacceptable, in the circular file and do your jobs. If you don’t I hope you never get elected again and the Republican Party becomes obsolete. This country cannot travel a path of greatness forever without drivers. Let Obama drive America. Allow laws to be brought up on the floors of the House and the Senate for an up or down vote. Restore regular order in Congress.

By Nancy Brisson

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