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Should Conservative Talk Radio Hosts Moderate the Next GOP Debate?

Friday, 10/30/2015 the RNC cancelled the next debate with the mainstream media – this time, NBC – relative of CNBC, moderators of the previous debate. The candidates were very unhappy with the way the debate was run contending that they were not taken seriously. The questions, they said, were ‘gotcha’ questions, meant to demean the candidates by suggesting that they were jokes.

While I do not like the policies these extreme Republicans espouse I do think that these debates are meant to help voters hear what each candidate intends to do if they win the way to the White House. Asking someone if they are a cartoon figure is a question that should have no place in a serious debate.

Ted Cruz, who the media claims won the debate by calling attention to the tone of the moderators, said in an interview following the debate that he thinks the next debate should be moderated by Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin. I find this quite interesting. Whenever I hear guests on news shows mention that Talk Radio might play a role in the voices of the Tea Party and the partisan divide in Congress the media backs off from this topic and waves a hand to indicate ‘erase that’, move on. Of course, not all Talk Radio is right wing so perhaps the term is just inaccurate. At any rate it would be difficult to have these moderators because they have no TV network giving them access to such an expensive undertaking.

And so, although we don’t talk about it much, we all know that Conservative Talk Radio has been stoking white fear, anger, and hate for decades now. Although they moved from radio to TV they did not get to stay on TV for long. Telling white people that they are the true patriots, that America was intended to be a white, Christian nation, that liberal Democrats are actually socialists, or communists who are turning the Federal government into a 1984-style dictatorship controlling every aspect of human behavior has not helped the American dialogue one bit.

These Talk Radio guys had some right on their side. It seems true that Washington, in its supposed zeal to keep Americans safe, was starting to hem people in with some pretty invasive regulations. But these guys blew the dangers of mind control way out of proportion. It would be quite easy to back off on some of the more invasive of the constraints and intrusions like those of the NSA (which actually grew out of the Patriot Acts of the Republican Presidency of George W. Bush).

However, once white people were injected with the fear of obsolescence, the specter of a brown-skinned majority holding sway over the white folks who had perhaps mistreated folks who were not white, many Americas decided that they were not looking forward to changing places and moving to an ‘inferior’ position. These fears may be well-founded or not, but such a cultural flip may not be avoidable and may not entail the retribution people fear. It would take decades of extreme repression and some rabbit-like reproductive moves on the part of white people to keep this change in check, but people used to exploitation and then freedom would not easily allow themselves to suffer a new round of repression. Maybe making nice would be a better approach and since we all have the same DNA would represent a useful leap in cultural evolution.

Anyway, here we are with all these decades of propaganda catching up with the nation and on display every time the giant panel of GOP candidates takes the stage. Did Talk Radio create the Republican base that these Republicans must now answer to or did Tea Party politicians prime the harangues of Talk Radio to create this base which now holds their feet to the fire. Did they create their own Frankenstein monster which they now fear or are they quite happy with their monstrous creation? While income inequality and the lack of rights that help women and the middle class at work seem like much more germane issues for all but the richest Americans we are instead caught up in all these false cultural straw men that cannot be solved in any ways that fit the American Democratic ideals.

Still, it might be informative to watch a Republican debate moderated by the Talk Radio hosts who have gotten very wealthy by peddling their fear and hate. In many rather monstrous ways they personify the American Dream because Americans have never minded scamming their way to the top.

By Nancy Brisson

The Return of the Snippets – Beiber, Huckabee, Glenn Beck and more


We’ve all been buzz-bombed with news of the Chris Christie scandals in New Jersey and also the Bob and Maureen McDonnell scandals in Virginia for well over a week. With Congress in an unofficial recess these events have kept the media busy even without the ever-engrossing Tea Party. But as these scandals settle in for the long legal haul of investigations and trials other news is beginning to filter through. Like Justin! Beiber, go to college – you need to fill your life with something besides your music, something that is also meaningful. You are bored. Get rid of the drugs, no alcohol – no edgy nonsense – go to college! This will also have a very positive effect on your fans.


From en.wikipedia.org

We have also learned of the Republican plans to choose overturning Roe v. Wade and end funding under the ACA for birth control as key issues in the upcoming elections. Perhaps you saw Mike Huckabee saying that the Federal government is insulting women by paying for their birth control pills and thereby addicting them to Uncle Sugar. (Where do they get this stuff?) (Who talks like this?) Birth control pills are used by women, but often as a decision by a couple for family planning purposes. Men benefit from birth control. These particular Republican men are such fundamentalist Christians that they believe that birth control is a form of abortion, even though scientists do not agree, and these Republican men feel that, as with any other abortion, the pills should not be paid for with Federal money because God will send them all straight to H – e – double hockey sticks. I never heard of any connection between female libido and birth control; and it seems so slimy to pretend to recognize women as intelligent beings while at the same time suggesting that if they need birth control pills they are bimbos.

News of the fears of terrorist attacks at Sochi are sort of escalating day by day and it is getting more and more difficult to put a positive spin on what should be carefree sports games and great entertainment in a lovely winter setting (because of the guns, the bombs, and the Black Widows). Would you go if you could afford it? Of course, we did not approach the Munich Olympics with as much trepidation as we should have, so maybe we are overdoing the trepidation in this age of terrorist activity, but we probably won’t breathe freely until all our athletes and spectators are safely home.

Obama is falling prey to criticism (of course, when isn’t he) this time for his failure to go to war in Syria after he viewed photos showing acts of torture and attacks on humanity that are considered unacceptable even in wartime. There are hawks out there who feel America must fight wherever atrocities are committed by authoritarian leaders, but since this is happening everywhere right now, it seems, how would President Obama choose?

We also heard this week about ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), which is actually presenting prewritten bills, or bills written with our elected government representatives, into state legislatures where they get passed as written to further the agenda of corporations, wealthy Republican members and other members of the extreme right wing.  We see no equivalent groups on the left since the right obliterated ACORN (which was somewhat flawed). ALEC seems to be equally flawed, however, and, although it was exposed once, it is growing once again and is busily passing laws in a state near you (or your own state perhaps).


From huffingtonpost.com

Glenn Beck said he was sorry this week, when the scandals abated. He feels he may be responsible for some of the divisiveness in America (YOU THINK?) and he did not realize the power of his arguments (HE MEANS HATE SPEECH). Well, Glenn, talk to Gabby Giffords and the parents of Newtown. They are the ones who were most injured so far. And as for whether we can ever pull the right wing fringe that you fomented back to more moderate ground and put America on the “middle way” once again, the jury is still out on that one.

And a “jelly donut” like object mysteriously appeared on Mars – do-do-dew-dew. Where did that object come from? One minute it wasn’t there and the next it was. Nothing is supposed to suddenly appear on the Martian surface. Is there a scientific explanation? Will we ever know?

There was even more interesting stuff such as Obama and the Pope scheduling a face to face meeting, such as the Oxfam study which says that the amount of money owned by just 85 wealthy people is equal to the entire amount of money owned by the bottom half of the entire population of the world. (We all knew that money had come to be distributed unequally, but we never guessed the extent of this inequality.) And two other dreaded words came up this week: debt ceiling…

All in all, it was a very active week for a week when Congress is on hiatus (Congress never recesses these days). Fortunately the Republicans had a meeting, always an entertaining (and somewhat frightening) event, but definitely a goldmine for the media.


By Nancy Brisson

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