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Bernie Sanders Unfair anti-Hillary Tactics

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Bernie Sanders is playing a tricky and dishonest game in his recent political rallies. He is asking Hillary Clinton to run her campaign according to his rules. Bernie is a “revolutionary”. He’s deliberately changing the topography of campaigning without the benefit of any changes in the actual rules of the Democratic Party. He is staging a revolution before he even wins the election.

Mr. Sanders doesn’t like campaign financing as it currently operates. He’s not alone. Many of us want less money in politics; more “we the people” in politics. And he does get kudos for sticking with his principles. What does not seem fair is to ask Hillary Clinton, who came up through the ranks and learned campaign fundraising from the “big boys” that Bill Clinton hung out with, to decide to throw out all that she knows about campaigning. It is unfair to indict Hillary for not following Bernie’s rules when he is the only person in modern politics who ever has done all grassroots fundraising. Bernie, we have not had the revolution yet!

Come the revolution, Bernie believes, super delegates shall be banished. Here’s another Bernie rule that Hillary is being chastised for breaking. I understand that putting super delegates between the candidate and the popular vote is elitist. I am all for less elitism in politics. But super delegates have not been outlawed, in fact they are part of the Democratic Party primary process. In fact, winning super delegates is still “state of the art” in Democratic primary voting.

Now Bernie is trying to steal Hillary’s super delegates, to turn them “Bernie side up”. Since Bernie discovered he could not win without super delegates he has decided (too late?) to play the Super Delegate Game. Bernie – Mr. Sanders – the revolution did not happen yet. Hillary Clinton does not have to play by your rules. If you become President you can work to change the election process. Meanwhile, you are sounding quite like a curmudgeon. Cut it out. I assume you knew what the process was like when you entered the race.

The point you seem to be trying to make is the one that paints Hillary Clinton as the “establishment” and you as the “anti-establishment”. She has never been elected to the Congress as anyone who planned to start a revolution and the times certainly have not been amenable to the kinds of changes that Bernie Sanders has wanted to bring to American governance.

We are just entering a time when some Americans are, perhaps, willing to make actual changes to the role money plays in government and in elections. The times do seem somewhat conducive to legislating a truer Democracy in our nation.

But there are just as many signs that people who want to hang on to the traditional politics of elitism and the powerful impact of money are as dug in as those who want change and they are much more numerous and better organized than those on Bernie’s side.

You may all fault Hillary Clinton for moving to the left, but Hillary has shown that she has a sensitivity to the political climate of different eras and Progressivism is having its day, so it totally makes sense that Hillary would move to meet the current needs of the American people. She is a politician, not an ideologue. Bernie is an ideologue, not a politician.

By Nancy Brisson