Sonic Cannons Kill: Save the Oceans!

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Our oceans are already in a fragile state. Oil spills happen much more often than we know. Tons of waste and garbage pour into our oceans almost constantly. Fertilizers, both organic and inorganic ones which are far more toxic, enter the oceans through run-off from farming. There is plastic in the ocean food chain world-wide. Think of all the debris from the tsunamis in Sri Lanka and Fukushima. Nuclear waste flooded into the sea from that tsunami in Fukushima also and who knows how much nuclear waste is given off by a nuclear sub. It is difficult to believe that there is zero waste from nuclear subs because we know the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy very well. It’s from high school physics.

We hear horror stories about susceptible birds that rely on the ocean for sustenance and we hear more horror stories about the fish and the mammals and all the myriads of other species of plants and animals that live in the ocean. Do we even still have a living coral reef anywhere on earth? We should be working hard every minute to find ways to clean up the oceans. If our oceans sicken and die, we die.

So, although I am usually a fan of Obama I am not at all happy to hear that he has authorized scientists to look for oil reserves in the oceans off our east coast. I suppose this sounds rather benign and that proponents might tell us not to get “our knickers in a twist.” But the method used to find oil reserves in the ocean involves firing underwater sonic cannons.

We may wonder how scientists can be sure that firing high decibels of sound pulses under water will not cause earthquakes or tsunamis. But apparently the biggest worry is that these “nerve-wracking” sounds kill the denizens of the ocean. Many, many sea mammals, fish, and other sea critters die from the firing of these cannons (there are some links at the end of this post which give actual numbers.) Animals that navigate by sound may be unable to find their way or may lose their hearing altogether. Every single thing we do has repercussions that ripple outward touching on spheres we never anticipated would be affected.

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Perhaps we got Europe to agree to help us sanction Russia by promising to find ways to make up the oil and natural gas they would lose. Whatever the reasons, we should not be doing this kind of exploration in any of earth’s oceans (which are all connected to each other). We really need to be very cautious and take a long, long view before we plunder our planet in any way, new or old. We have about reached our plunder limit. Any additional plundering is a big mistake – big! Please put away those sonic cannons and don’t drill for oil or gas off the America’s east coast or any other coast.

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By Nancy Brisson

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