Me Donald – Me Hulk – Me Save America

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Donald Trump promises to set things right in America (double meaning intended). About half of America wants a President who can turn into the Hulk. They want to be taken care of in that way. “Me Hulk – me mad – me smash all meanies – China, ISIS, Iran – (with American soldiers doing the actual smashing). Me rich, me brilliant business man – me make America rich again – get jobs again. Me white – me make America majority European again – me run foreigners out of country.”

One problem with this (among so many) is all those “me-s”. America is not supposed to wait for one person, even if s/he is our leader, to solve our problems. We live in a Democracy – a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

What I don’t see, if Donald Trump becomes President, is where we the people fit in. Do we just passively wait while Donald Trump rains down largesse on our heads? Do we kick back and enjoy the fruits of his power moves while hoping to fare well in the deals he makes? What is the people’s role in a Donald Trump Presidency? What about the 50% of people who don’t agree with his projected policies? Will he sell the American soldier and the American worker down the river if necessary to insure the overall prosperity of our nation? Will we share that prosperity or will we be the coal shoveled into the furnace, used, spent, discarded? Donald Trump eats people he perceives as inferior for lunch. “Hulk angry – stay away from Hulk.”

That old mojo we used to have is not gone, even though half of the nation seems to have lost so much faith in America that they will turn to a bipolar superhero to recapture an old snapshot of a transcendent America. Life is not a snapshot. A snapshot is the past. However nostalgic we might be to recreate that old snapshot we know we can’t. Life moves on. Life is a movie; it’s a video, on fast forward sometimes.

America is not dying. America is in transition. Either the world will coalesce as a global entity consisting of the world’s nations, but more open because economics will know no boundaries, or the nations, including us, will turn inward and wall themselves off into individual entities, and society will assume a more feudal structure with nations constantly sparring with each other (that sounds sort of like now, doesn’t it).

We will not be wise to elect a “savior”. What we need is a leader who straddles the past and the future and helps America legislate and build its way into having two feet solidly planted in a new future with common goals. There will still be things to fight about, there always are, but if we let World War III happen there may not be a recognizable world left. No one really could possibly think that starting World War III is a great idea. But mankind has gone to war often for some incredibly stupid reasons (and to settle some unavoidable battles, although rarely). If we try to rewrite the old King Arthur rule that “might makes right” and try turning it around so that “the mighty strive to do what is right” perhaps we can stop looking to the Hulk to save us and collectively govern wisely, more like the Federation from Star Trek.

By Nancy Brisson

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