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This is Not Nation Building


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This group attempting to strike terror in our hearts – this group with all the names (ISIS, ISIL, and more) pretends that it wants to build a nation in the ancient style of a Caliphate called the Islamic State. If their intent were to actually build a nation to take its place among the other nations of the world they would hardy expect to succeed by using the intimidating tactics they employ. They would not expect to win good neighbors with brutal executions and by appropriating the wealth of those neighbors. A nation does not usually dictate who can live in the nations next door and set out to destroy neighbors whose traditions vary from theirs unless they are bad actors. If they were nation building they would not call themselves the “Islamic” state when they want to annihilate others who consider themselves Islamic because they are not “pure” enough. They have invented a test for membership in their “Islamic” state that they know all Islamic people cannot pass. This is not any part of nation building.

No – what these religious fanatics are after is world domination. They are on fire to create a planet that contains only those who can pass their religious tests. They don’t value freedom. They value submission through fear. They are the Roman Emperors reincarnated. They are Genghis Khan back from the grave – Hitler – the Popes of the Crusades – the Inquisitors in Spain or any of a long procession of powerful conquerors who murdered, tortured, maimed and raped and pillaged over the face of the earth until someone figured out how to stop them or they were destroyed from within.

Perhaps it was easier to deal with these power hungry, self-righteous war mongers in the days of the Roman Empire when there was no media to announce their progress and their possible next moves. I’m sure many folks were taken unawares by their conquerors, but today we know they are coming, although not knowing exactly when, where, or how is disturbing in its own right.

Just don’t be fooled when these killers try to sound like they are simply building a new nation to house a homogeneous religious community. That would not create the fear and loathing we are feeling right now. You don’t build a new nation by inspiring these feelings in fellow inhabitants of this small planet.

I don’t want to go to war but let’s not let these fighters get too far in their jihad. I believe the nations that actually do exist on our globe will cooperate and act if this situation begins to look like it has legs. (It’s looking sort of like that right now) I guess we will find out how long those legs are.

Sadly they remind me of folks in our own country who want to be sure that true patriots can parrot certain ideologies and can pass a religious litmus test. Our power-seekers are not as cruel, one hopes, and not out to punish people with a more liberal, less religious bent, but they surely would like to force us to be submissive to their governance, which would make the idea of freedom sort of meaningless.

Freedom is difficult. Bad people find refuge in freedom and threaten to place limits on the freedom of people who strive to let morality guide their freedom. But I value our freedom above almost all else and I think if it is truly challenged then we must fight to keep it.

By Nancy Brisson