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Being Green

My sister and I are planning a vegetable garden. Actually I have four sisters but this is my sister who lives with our mom. We are trying to be green and we thought Mom would enjoy watching the garden grow too. Who knew there were so many decisions involved in planting a garden. Will it be a raised bed or will we roto-till a patch out of the lawn? Will it be round or square or rectangular? Exactly what quadrant of the yard will it occupy? Will we rent a roto-tiller or till by hand? What will we do about the woodchuck? Everyone tells us he will eat every thing. Everyone tells us he can climb up a raised bed or dig under a chicken wire fence. Still we plan.

What will we grow? How many sisterly squabbles will we have before the garden is planted? How did those hippie communes do this? I bet those meetings were long. Perhaps altered states of consciousness, lots of tea and guitar music made for peaceful farming. I vote for tomatoes and lettuces, my sister doesn’t like tomatoes but will tolerate some tomato plants. She wants cucumbers, but I don’t like them. I would rather have zucchini (although Mom loves cucumbers, so I may give in on that). My sister wants to plant melon. That’s OK with me. We both want some beans.

Last weekend it snowed on Mother’s Day. This weekend was beautiful. We spent a whole sunny weekend happily digging. We moved the black-eyed susans to two raised beds and turned the flower patch into our new garden. We had almost no squabbles and the cat enjoyed all the activity. Now I’m anticipating our delicious veggies.