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Snow Days

This is the view from my office window. Believe it or not this photo is in color. Winter turns our world into a black, white, and grey world. This year, although I can see the beauty of snow, I resent all the extra effort it takes to clear it out of my driveway before I can leave my house, and I am not in love with all the clothing I must pile on my body to stay semi-warm. When I get anywhere I must divest myself of all these layers and find somewhere to put the wet boots and gloves where they will not create a housekeeping problem for someone else. Winter certainly makes you appreciate summer. 

If I am apologizing to you for why I am not reading books at my usual clip, which I am, you may have guessed that I am blaming winter. In winter I do spend more time in the house but I am basically hibernating and I don’t get things done the way I should because I sort of still see winter as one perpetual snow day. Actually jigsaw puzzles are also to blame for my lack of reading progress. Jigsaw puzzles are one of the most evanescent activities on the planet. You spend hours putting a puzzle together. You enjoy the accomplishment for a few days and then you take it apart and put it back in the box, knowing you will probably never use that particular puzzle again. Does this activity help prevent Alzheimer’s? I don’t know. It does require that you use parts of your brain that you don’t usually use. You have to match shades of color and shapes and you can feel your brain puzzling over this. It is something you can do while you also watch TV. It is something guests like to tackle when they come to visit. But I have not found a way to read a book and finish a puzzle at the same time. I wish I had ordered my current books on audio tape, then I would not be falling behind on my reading and I could complete as many puzzles as I wished. Let’s agree not to even talk about housework. Here’s my latest puzzle just to give it something to do before I dismantle it and put it away.