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"Who Let the Dogs Out?"

Why does it feel like the Republicans won the last election? The Democrats never really got to enjoy being in charge because they had to go right into rescue mode with the housing crisis and the recession.

The Republicans were never able to accept that they lost the election. They have acted like a pack of pit bulls (and I don’t mean to insult pit bulls, I am trading on a sterotype). First they used their words. (Woof, woof.) They managed to blame the overspending and the debt on the Democrats even though we all knew that the causes of these economic problems could be traced to the previous administration. Republicans must be given credit for constantly bombarding the public with anti-Democrat propaganda. Did the pit bulls shake their victims? Or, as many people suggest, did their victims (the Democrats) allow themselves to be pit bull fodder?

How well the Republicans did in the midterm elections testifies to the success of their pit bull tactics. That people fell for it does not say much for the intelligence of voters. Even so, they did not win both houses. So why does it feel like the Republicans are in charge? The Democrats have a majority in the Senate. The President is a Democrat. So why does it feel like the Republicans are calling the shots? I have not seen this is my lifetime, a situation in which the loser will not give up the field.

The Republicans are a hot mess. They want to reinvent the wheel. They want to undo the last five decades. I find the entire situation so frustrating. They are using our economic difficulties as a chance to readdress issues that have nothing to do with the budget. They act like our financial conscience when they are really just laissez-faire Capitalists. I do not think we have to head back to the fifties to solve our problems in 2011.

It looks bad for Democrats. It looks like our leaders don’t have a plan or a clue. Please get it together. I think the Republicans make better pit bulls than they do policy setters. I think the Republicans will lead us down a bad path. If America turns into a soulless business machine how will that still be America?