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Silverado Saga

How many Silverado’s are there anyway? Is this the new fleet vehicle for the FBI or the NSA? I doubt it. But everywhere I look lately when I am driving, if there is a truck, it is sure to be a Silverado. Two lane highway – I pull up at the light. I look in the right lane. Silverado.

That rude driver cutting in front of me and making me stomp on my brake is driving a Silverado.

The guy who is supposed to yield when he comes off the highway ramp onto the traffic circle but doesn’t. Well you guessed it. Silverado.

Not all of these trucks are the same color. There are red ones (a lot of red ones) and gray is a popular color, black also and white. Silverado drivers are fairly conservative in their color choices. But Silverado’s are also big. They tower over my car. Their wheels are even with my passenger window. If they are in front of me they block the traffic signal so I can’t see when the light changes. If they are behind me they want to be in front of me.

I am starting to find myself saying Silverado every time I see a pickup truck and, guess what, I am always right. Am I in Silverado hell? Should I be worried? I’m not sure they notice us little peons down here. They are driving in a whole different stratosphere.

I have taken a page from Sheldon Cooper’s book. He is always saying “Will Wheaton” in that certain hating way. Now that is how I say “Silverado”.

P.S. I have had zero negative interactions with people who drive Silverados, except the ones that don’t yield, but there is a lot of muscle there and therefore I have the perception of impending danger, and it is just plain weird.

By Nancy Brisson