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Wham, Pow, Kaboom

Three major scandals, well supposedly major scandals, which all seem a bit contrived to me, but anyway three scandals hit Obama just when he reached the mark of being 100 days into his second term. Benghazi, IRS, AP wiretaps – wow – President Obama is a bad dude, and he’s omniscient and he’s omnipresent. He has been a busy guy. The media reactions have been swift and full of condemnation. Some of them have been more excited this past two weeks than I have ever seen them. They smell blood. They have the blood lust, I guess. Even the women. But this has the GOP written all over it. Apparently they really are afraid that Obama is buying up all the bullets. If he is, I say good for him, that would be thinking outside the box, literally and figuratively. I really do not believe this dingbat factoid but, since Congress has left Obama with only the option to think outside the box, I suppose it is remotely possible that the government is attempting to corner the bullet market.

As for the rest of this stuff, it sounds like the kind of stuff that gets dug up by the opposition during an election campaign. It is junk info. Not one story can trace a line from the President to the activity. Obama may have ordered or had his people order the IRS to look into campaign finance groups on the right who were not supposed to be focused on campaign money, but rather on some social issue. We, the people,  were all wondering how these groups could turn out all those awful political ads demonizing everything Democrat. However, there is, so to speak, no “smoking gun.” No line has been drawn between Obama or any of his people and the activities at the IRS.  Maybe the IRS was just using an effective key word search technique to look at 501(C)(4)’s and they used similar terms to find the groups on the left. Maybe not as many groups were generated on the left as were formed on the right or maybe they did not invent such a bold and narrow collection of identifying key words. Isn’t a 501(C)(4) a tax document. Who else has the right to look at tax documents besides the IRS. Scandal or not it makes a great distraction and it could even bring down Obama. “It’s a shot worth taking” may be what the GOP is thinking.

The media is totally aghast at the AP “wiretaps” and their anger is totally understandable. Freedom of the Press is a foundational tenet of a free society. Every journalist is now screaming Nixon, Nixon. Rachel Maddow is on TV right now going back over what Nixon did, the extremes he went to as he tried to plug leaks about the government. But Nixon was plotting and planning and did not want his personal business out in the open. He was covering his own butt. The information in this case is about a leak of information about a terrorist incident. I see a real difference here. There have been lots of leaks lately, in fact, it sometimes seems as if everything gets leaked. This is so obvious that it is something my sister and I discussed at dinner one evening. In this case the Justice Department and the FBI were investigating a leak about al Qaeda. The Republicans demanded an investigation into the leak. Were they setting Obama up? What we are seeing at this moment is reaction to a letter that was sent from the Justice Department to inform the AP that their phone lines had been tapped. Did Obama order, or have his people order, the Justice Department to mount this investigation? All of the reports include the suggestion that if Obama knew about this spying then he broke the law, and if he didn’t order it or know about it then he is not a leader; he doesn’t have his fingers on the pulse of all aspects of our many-tentacled government. Now the press is out for blood. Is this shrewd strategy from the GOP or fortunate accident?

Will this three-part attack put Obama on the ropes? Will it turn out that he did these things and didn’t do a good enough job of covering his tracks? I do not think these are the things that should bring down a President, but it is not at all certain at this moment that will continue to be the case. I do not believe this reaches anywhere near Nixonian levels. This looks to me like the usual dirty politics, but who did the dirt; the President, the GOP or both? I still think that, so far, it is much ado about nothing. However, the media, with good reason, is now thoroughly riled up and heads will roll.

 I would like the government to stop contemplating its own navel and give some attention to the America outside of Washington.