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Is a Crazy Man Defending Guns in America?


Whenever I think about the absolute inflexibility of a man like Wayne La Pierre and his psychotic belief that it is his duty and his alone to decide exactly what the Second Amendment means; whenever I watch him as he makes his stand as a pathologically insane bulwark against any attempt the majority of American citizens want to make in terms of passing common sense gun control laws in America, I get the same incredulous anger that I get when I listen to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and almost anyone on FOX TV. La Pierre professes a special sensitivity to any move the American government might take towards absolutism or imagine absolutism. Paradoxically this unbending man wields absolute control over gun laws in this nation at the current moment.

Personally, I find Wayne La Pierre frightening and possibly mentally ill, with, perhaps some form of megalomania. How can one man act so scary that no one will challenge him? Obviously, he must have some very powerful allies, like the entire right wing and half of the left wing, and several loony movie stars. But it is his steely will that seems to hold the whole apparatus together.

Mr. La Pierre, according to Wikipedia, earned a BA in Education from Siena College and an MA in Government from Boston University. He joined the NRA in 1977 and was a legislative aide to a Democratic Virginia delegate, Vic Thomas. He became the CEO and executive vice president of the NRA in 1991. The most recent information says that he is paid a salary of just under $1 million a year. The prospect of losing such a salary might convince many of us to be rabid supporters of whatever we had to pledge allegiance to.

If that sixth sense of yours is not telling you that Wayne La Pierre is nutty, then perhaps listening to some of the things he has had to say will help.

Just before the attack on the Federal Building in Oklahoma Wayne La Pierre, was speaking about federal agents. La Pierre called them “jack-booted government thugs” in “Nazi bucket helmets and black storm trooper uniforms”. These comments so outraged George H.W. Bush that he resigned his NRA membership.

He also likes to say that “President Clinton tolerated a certain amount of violence and killing to strengthen the case for gun controls and to score points for his party.” (A little conspiracy theory, anyone?)

And we all remember what this prince of compassion said at Sandy Hook, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Not much comfort to grieving parents there.

Not a whole lot of sanity there, either.

His list of possible contributors to mass shooting is actually a pretty good one, except that the role of guns is noticeably missing from his list, and except for the first item on the list which just solidifies the crazy. Here are the items on his list: 1) gun-free zones 2) violent films 3) video games 4) the media 5) weak data bases on mental illness 6) lax security. For Wayne La Pierre guns are the answer to everything, but even in the Godfatherthere was that one piece of advice about what to pack for vacations, “leave the guns, take the canoli”.

Mr. La Pierre is implacable, powerful and probably somewhere off the deep end. At least he doesn’t live in Texas. However he does live in Roanoke, Virginia near where the most recent shooter bought his handgun only a few days before he gunned down normal working people at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC. (Back to Sheldon Cooper – Did Wayne Pierre’s mother have him tested to see if he was crazy? I doubt it) If he does have mental problems he would be unlikely to be treated for them by our current health care system anyway. While I believe in individual rights, this era of self-identification and self-medication for mental issues is not working very well. I don’t have a solution except we need to keep investigating how the brain functions and finding more targeted medications, like the genome treatments for cancer.

I could not find the quotes, but I am absolutely certain (because I heard them) that those other right wing crazies of the air waves (Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh) have been injecting Second Amendment paranoia into their rants for years and have been feeding people’s fears that the lefties (who they always equate with Hitler for that extra little frission of fear that this produces) want to take their guns away and leave them helpless against an increasingly tyrannical government. They can’t be saying these things just to get ratings. They must have at least a modicum of belief that these things are real. Thus it comes full circle; warned by the nuts of the right wing media (wingnuts) the brainwashed people raise their voices to protest losing their guns, which they should give up gladly (the semi automatic ones at least) in order to make the shooting gallery that America is becoming less efficient and therefore less deadly, or even just so children aren’t targets.

Although it is clear that we will have to deal with some of the other things on Mr. La Pierre’s list, gun control definitely belongs on that list and should have been included. Doesn’t Wayne La Pierre seem crazy to anyone but me and the New York Post? How about his cohorts? Surely the world is laughing at the land of the free where the will of the people is being stopped in its tracks by one old man.