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Be Your Own Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day. Let’s get all glopped up in gooey love nonsense and fantasy Valentine gifts like beautiful flowers and cards and diamonds. Let’s read a great love poem and stuff ourselves with no-calorie fantasy chocolates while we read it. It’s actually more fun to moon about love when you are not in it, so if you’re not feeling the love today, this will remind you of all the things your love would probably forget to do for you and which you may have found so frustrating in the past. If you are in love, maybe this will give you an inspirational idea for some fine romance. Be your own valentine.

In the Huffington Post, theater, art, and cinema critic James Scarborough posted the 10 best love poems ever written last year for Valentine’s Day. His first choice is a hot one by e. e. cummings, so that is my first exhibit on our fantasy love trip.

may i feel said he (e. e. cummings)
 may i feel said he
 (i’ll squeal said she
 just once said he
 it’s fun said she
 (may i touch said he
 how much said she
 a lot said he)
 why not said she
 (let’s go said he
 not too far said she
 what’s too far said he
 where you are said she)
 may I stay said he
 (which way said she
 like this said he
 if you kiss said she
 may I move said he
 is it love said she)
 if you’re willing said he
 but you’re killing said she
 but it’s life said he
 but your wife said she
 now said he)
 ow said she
 (tiptop said he
 don’t stop said she
 oh no said he
 go slow said she
 (cccome? Said he
 ummm said she
 you’re divine!said he
 (you are Mine said she)

 Here’s the title of a new book that you could study this year if you are trying to figure out the meaning of love: Love Letters: 2000 Years of Romance (collected by the British Library) (recommended by The Daily Beast).

 Here are pretty Valentine things that I personally would love to receive for Valentine’s Day so this year I will just fantasize about them, but another year, if I am more flush with cash, I might buy myself a valentine. After all, who likes me better than me.