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Beauty Break – Flowers


There is something so blowsy and baroque about those enormous floral arrangements painted by the master’s and copied by the moderns. They speak of aristocracy, of polished tables in sunny well-kept rooms with turkey carpets. They speak of estates with huge gardens maintained by gardeners who were treated with great respect by their employers and who were often supported for life. These talented gardeners were often kept on the staff long after they could no longer care for the actual garden as they still directed those who did the planting and upkeep of the grounds. Only such beautifully planned and constantly tended gardens watched over by a gardener with an eye for beauty and a real green thumb could produce the variety, profusion, and quality of the blooms we see in these classic floral masterpieces. I suddenly have a yen to look at some of these floral paintings because the dreary edges of winter are calling out for a beauty break.