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Electric Slide


No wonder we are unsettled and uncertain. We live in an age of uncertainty.

Will we win the lottery and become multimillionaires, or will we be victims of terrorism? Those are some pretty extreme alternate possibilities, and however remote they are happening to some.

Will a huge asteroid hit us and end it all?

Will we leave the cities and go back to the farms or will we be fighting water wars?

Will climate changes become wilder and wilder until we find ourselves dying off in large numbers, or starving, or living under domes or is that all (to use Sheldon Cooper’s word) hokum?

Will those of us who were middle class keep losing ground as we become poorer and poorer, or will the economy rally and give us a new prosperity?

 Will a small nation with a nuclear bomb eventually send it hurtling toward some unsuspecting nation and will the antimissile missiles shoot it out of the sky?

Will we have to go to war again?

Will we become a country of perpetual sorrow?

It’s just too much to worry about.

As we used to say, “We might as well dance.”

 But while we’re dancing will be headed towards a New Age of Enlightenment or the Nouveau Dark Ages?

Will we plod along slowly, sort of walking in place?

Will we experience a slow decline into poverty and back to the serfdom from which we may have ascended?

Or will we be headed toward that new age of prosperity, long life, space travel, and human development.

Living on the cusp of change is certainly stimulating.

In the meantime I recommend the Electric Slide.