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This is the End – Movie – Unsolicited Advice Week

I like to keep up with pop culture which means that I sometimes stumble upon things that strike me as bizarre. This may point out a mere generational gap or it may indicate more serious changes, not in me, but in the actual culture which we create and in we immerse ourselves. After watching the movie This is the End, I can only conclude that my generation showed better taste and greater depth in the films that were made and that did well at the box office.

This movie got good reviews and it does have a theme; the Rapture. It also makes you want to go temporarily deaf and to perhaps poke out your eyes. This is, I’m guessing, a “guy” flick. It is Dante’s Inferno meets Porky’sor Revelations meets Animal House. That these guys were not selected to go directly to hellfire is the one and only great mystery of the movie.

We have Seth Rogen and James Franco playing themselves at a party at James Franco’s recently-built mid-century modern house, that looks like a museum. Rogen has brought along an old friend, Jay Baruchel who doesn’t want to be there. These three and Craig Robinson and Jonah Hill all get trapped in Franco’s house when the Rapture arrives and they try to outlast the apocalypse. These five are somewhat organized to survive until they are joined by the grossest, most selfish guy, David McBride, who makes the other boys look like puppies, sick puppies, but still… . Emma Watson and Rihanna make cameo appearances but girls are beside the point in this movie, unless the intent was to show what little use this immature and self-indulgent group has for women.

I still can’t believe I watched the whole thing, but I rented it on FIOS On Demand and I was determined to get my money’s worth. The movie does stay with me, sort of like heartburn. If you are a person who appreciates this kind of thing, all I can say is you shouldn’t. It’s your fault that, at times, there is little worth seeing at the movies. This indulgent, silly crap may be marginally funny, but it will turn your brain to mush.