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Worse and Worse in Washington

OMGosh! As if Washington were not dysfunctional enough and already loaded with plenty of haters, now we have this unpleasant and self-righteous new Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. Let’s allow Texas to secede from the union. Maybe we do need to split into two nations since we already are two different nations. I thought I could not get any more depressed about the directions some people insist on for America’s future, but after watching Mr. Ted Cruz I am more depressed. I don’t have a clue about what to do to get this Congress to move and stop obstructing everything. I thought an election that resulted in a win would stop the madness, but I was wrong. How many years will this impasse last? The GOP plans to keep change at bay until they get re-elected and can put their plans into effect whether they have to manipulate the next election or not. They do not seem to mind the idea of winning by trickery or by bending the rules. Perhaps Democrats should do the same in 2014, but I hope they don’t because these kinds of moves will dismantle America as we know it.

Should we march on Washington and insist that Congress either work across parties or disband? I am so disgusted with our Representatives and Senators. I would never have foreseen that the Democracy I have always been so proud of could be subverted and co-opted or that any group of Americans would actually want to do this. It is frightening to watch people who want what they want so badly that they will betray the rules by which their government is supposed to operate. I am so tired of the nasty rhetoric. Our children are not only tuning into antagonism that is programmed into gaming media and television shows; they are seeing it every day on the news.

The only comfort I see is that Senator Cruz seems to be antagonizing both Republicans and Democrats which behavior will hopefully defuse any power he might think he has. I hope his rudeness will lead to his ostracism and that he will languish in a back water of the Senate. Perhaps the other Senators will find Mr. Cruz “arriviste” and overbearing and negative responses to his behavior will help to reconcile the two parties and we will see some bipartisan progress. I don’t think the objections we will have to Ted Cruz will have much to do with the fact that he was elected as a Tea Party rep. Our hostility may be because he seems to be “a giant knob”. How could the same Harvard that produced Obama, turn out this guy? I wish the entire GOP would “mellow out” because with recent weather events, the proximity of space rocks, mass shootings and Washington dysfunction it is starting to feel like we are at the nexus of a “perfect storm”, a present that is the exact opposite of where we would like to be.
This is the view from the cheap seats.