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Mitt Romney accuses Obama of being divisive. I have never seen anyone pursue a more divisive policy than the Republican Party has over the past 3+ years. Once again the Republicans fall back on the old I’m rubber/you’re glue strategy to try to give the “divisive” label away to the Democrats. However, we were there; we saw what happened and we will not be moved by this really childish propaganda tactic. Here is what I remember and why I say that it is the Republicans who are divisive:
·         They have said over and over that their only focus was to get rid of President Obama.
·         They refused to compromise on their financial agenda, even going so far that American credit was downgraded.
·         Although most Americans have long felt that corporations had too much influence on the activities of our government in Washington, the GOP resisted Obama’s attempts to get corporations out of our government or at least regulate them. The battle has been fierce with the Supreme Court even coming down on the side of the corporations. The GOP accuses Democrats and Obama of being anti-business but this is obviously just political clap trap – that would be foolish and would signal the demise of America as we know it – not Obama’s goal. But reining the corporations in the slightest bit is not popular, even at a time when they have all deserted us. The hostility that the Republicans are expressing is just backlash because Obama has been mildly “spanking” the very financial groups who almost crashed the American economy. The corporations are not happy and have mobilized their posse (our GOP Congress people).
·         The Republicans have used their majority in the House of Representatives as bullies in a playground would. They haven’t only beaten up the President, they have beaten up the American people and our financial reputation. In the case of bullies, the only appropriate strategy is to fight back with more cleverness than force.
·         The GOP had some real pit bulls in Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, who were like the Romans instigating the gladiators in the arena and we the people proved we still love a good spectacle, the meaner the better.
If the Democrats and Obama seem to be pursuing a policy of divisiveness it is because they have learned over the past four years that compromise is not possible, that the climate in Washington right now is fight to the finish, take no prisoners. It took a while but the Democrats have decided to engage. Teach our children how to handle bullies, please. And maybe you could introduce them to a new playground game; perhaps Truth or Dare.