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Some Green Please

I love trees. You may recall my office tree, a huge old maple right outside my office window. Of course, I have yet to see a leaf on my tree, but I do have a chickadee who must be building a nest nearby and I have a pair of squirrels chasing each other through my leafless tree. I am trying to be Zen about this and just enjoy my tree day to day, but I can’t help jumping out of my Zen and wishing for the leaves to hurry up and unfurl.

Picture our world without trees. I always picture that scene in Rollerball where the partiers take drugs and go out to torch the trees for entertainment. I remember when they cut down all the elm trees because of Dutch Elm disease. I remember when streets were like tunnels in summer with the trees making sun speckled beauty overhead. I can’t help but notice how many of our streets are bare of trees. The absence of trees makes our neighborshoods appear colorless and leaves us with nothing to soften the hard concrete edges of our streets. We get wires on poles instead of trees. There is a tree I pass that has been holed right through the middle so the lines can pass through.

I hope we don’t ever abandon trees. We have a perfect symbiotic relationship with trees. My eyes are longing to see every shade of green. So much for being Zen.

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