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The Clintons are Not the Romneys

Why would we want a cut-rate people’s President in these days when politics is awash with money? Let’s face it, we are not going to have some middle income American make it in a Presidential election – not now and probably not in the future unless we reform campaign finance. We may still be able to elect someone who started out p00r-ish and, through perseverance and education gained some wealth. But even a grassroots/bootstrap type of candidate will still have to pay some dues and have some charisma to attract rich donors.

How could Hillary Clinton help us if she could not feel secure about her own personal finances? She would be more likely to spend precious time stowing away a fortune for those post-Presidential years as so many politicians do.

Neither Hillary nor Bill sound like they grew up in a  wealthy family and they have come under much scrutiny for managing to amass a small fortune, probably because people with fortunes know what it takes to amass one these days. They know the details of the climb may not always tick all the boxes of strict moral behavior.

We don’t like candidates who are too obviously rich. Mitt Romney never had my vote but he may have lost some middle class voters when we learned about the car elevator and the fact that he was not sure how many homes the Romney family owns. With all the talk flying around branding the middle class and the poor as lazy losers, the gap between Mitt Romney and the rest of us began to seem just too wide. How would he ever understand our needs?

Now Republicans are trying to make us believe that the Clintons are just the liberal version of the Romneys. They want us to believe that they are also too wealthy to understand the needs of the middle class.

However, the Clintons are not the Romneys. They have always hobnobbed with “everyday” people. They don’t have coffee klatches with us but they don’t seem afraid to mingle with the “peasantry”. They also seem to have real empathy for the downtrodden around the world and they sincerely seem to want to do practical things to help make the world a better place. Their wealth does not bother us the way Romney’s did.

GOP, you need to find a new way to bad mouth the Clintons.

By Nancy Brisson