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The VP Debate – Questions We Are Left With

The Vice Presidential debate left us with all the same questions we have been mulling for the past three or four years and, although I cannot imagine why, it still leaves us split about 50-50. I am not talking about the behavior of either of the participants. Debates are frustrating. You have to give your opponent time to have their say on a subject even though you are itching to refute their argument. Paul Ryan tends to pontificate, Joe Biden has a great smile and he used it to let us know when Ryan was repeating a policy point that Biden had already heard reiterated many, many times and which he felt was “malarkey”. I have an equally difficult time keeping myself still while someone says something I disagree with. I felt that smile helped keep Biden from interrupting and that’s how he used it. It signaled his disbelief without necessitating speech. But the demeanor of either candidate is not really the issue here. The issue involves your answer to a series of questions:

The economy:
Do you think that we should cut taxes for wealthy Americans?
Do you believe that if we give these tax breaks then jobs will be created by the Americans who are awarded these tax breaks?
Do you think it is possible that so much wealth has collected in the hands of so few, that the gap between 99% of Americans and the 1% is widening and that this is because the laws that govern finance have been skewed in their favor?
Do you believe that these wealthy Americans, once rewarded, will/can bring manufacturing jobs back to America?
Are you willing to scale back the laws protecting our environment in order to make America attractive to manufacturers once more?
Do you believe that if we scale back environmental protections then manufacturers will come back to America?
What tax exemptions would you be willing to give up to balance the budget once taxes were cut?
Should we drill everywhere, with all technologies available, even on public land?
Will drilling bring jobs?
Will drilling put our clean water supplies in danger?
Are we at a “tipping point” with climate change?
The social network:
Do you believe that we should privatize social security?
Do you believe that we should privatize Medicare?
Programs for the poor were not discussed but we need to consider them also.
Should we scale back or end food stamps?
Should we scale back or end Medicaid?
Should we scale back or end WIC?
Should we scale back on our disability program?
Do you want a voucher for health care?
Why would we give our dollars to the government and then have them give them back to us? Shouldn’t we just buy our own health insurance?
Are social programs responsible for our debt and our deficit?
How will we pay down our debt and lessen our deficit if we keep social programs?
Is privatization always the answer?
Foreign Policy:
Do we want to go to war with Libya?
Do we want to go to war with Iran?
Do we want to go to war with Syria?
Has Obama been apologizing for America?
If you don’t want war will we look at diplomacy as weakness?
Did President Obama and his administration lie to us about what they knew about Libya, or is there a disconnect between the State Dept. and the Oval Office?
Was it done to cover up the lack of security in Libya or was it done for reasons of national security?
Did Ryan give us any new facts about Libya?
Did Biden give us any new facts about Libya?
Which party is more “hawkish”?
Given the realities of the deaths and wounds suffered by our soldiers and their families, should we rush to war right now?
How will we avenge the death of our ambassador?
Is vengeance where we want to go?
How soon will Iran have a nuclear weapon?
How will we stop them from getting a nuclear weapon?
Who do you trust more to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon?
Is it because they sound hawkish?
Will Republicans be willing to go to war with Iran?
Will Democrats be willing to go to war with Iran?
Who is likely to take us to war sooner?
Should abortion be illegal?
Is this an example of religion getting mixed up with politics?
Should Planned Parenthood be defunded?
Who was more willing to try bipartisan solutions; Republicans or Democrats?