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Cliches and Analogies/Hope and Change


Late last week Stuart Stevens, a Conservative, wrote an article criticizing Obama for failing to fulfill the promises of “hope” that he made before his election. Republicans seems to enjoy doing this every once in a while because they apparently “hope” that we will fall for this twisted line of reasoning. They like to blame others for the things they do and their special “whipping boy” is Barack Obama (how racist is that?). We have heard Sarah Palin mock Obama for his inability to fulfill his promise of “hope and change” and Michelle Bachmann has, beyond all sense, made this a key item in her limited repertoire of political tidbits. Now we have this Stevens guy in the Daily Beast going over, once again, in case we missed it the first one hundred and fifty times, his supreme disappointment with Obama’s ineffectiveness .

Of course we know that extreme Republicans killed the “Hope” that Obama promised and now they want to use this argument, which has almost become a cliché, this insistence that Obama has not been able to “change” anything as their message to elect Republicans in 2014 and 2016.  I just don’t think that you get to kick our first African American President to the curb, to force him to try borderline Constitutional strategies in order to get anything done – to basically act like a bunch of white thugs – and then turn the obstructionism on its head and blame the “big empty” that is Washington politics on the person you have hog-tied. The South rises? It’s embarrassing to America and Americans. Notice that Obama did not offer hope and change in his second term. He just grimly raised a flag that insisted Forward (period). So we slog forward, but we would rather be going by high speed rail.

There is an astonishing similarity between what the GOP has done to Obama and what George Zimmerman did to Trayvon. In their hearts, I’m sure, the GOP feels they are just acting in self-defense. I think we can be pretty sure that Obama is defending himself too, but he is also defending the American people.

Don’t vote for bullies – vote for Democrats in 2014 and in 2016.

Here’s the link for that article that sums up Obama’s “failures” in case you want to read about this old, tired subject once again.