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Unsolicited Advice Week – Go to School!

Thanks to South Seattle Ed. for the picture
Go to school. Even if you hate it – even if you can barely force yourself to go – go. Once you guys leave your single digit years and enter those tweens and teens you are hard-wired to prefer social to academic pursuits, but our society is trying to rewire us. Social needs are to be delayed until your schooling is done.

I suppose experimenting with drugs and sex is much more interesting than school (for some of you). But, your brain is not developed enough to handle drugs (unless you need them physically). The damage can be permanent. You can’t afford to take this risk (alcohol included). And you are certainly not ready to be a parent, so if you are sexually active be insistent about using birth control. Your job, in your tweens and teens, in this increasingly global and competitive world of ours, is to complete your schooling. Try out careers in your mind, or go online and research them, or get an internship. Get some idea of you goal, your career goal.

Think of going to school as going to your job because that’s what it is. I know you are not getting paid to go to school, but adults are paying for it and it is very expensive. If there are personal obstacles in your home or community tell someone about them. If you can’t overcome them, then these obstacles will rob you of your future, forever maybe. If you school isn’t up to the job of providing a good education, transfer if you can, or agitate if you can’t (go to school board meetings, write editorials or write to your politicians, be a squeaky wheel).

Once you finish public school go to college. Go as cheaply as possible. Don’t end up owing huge college bills. Get scholarships if possible. Don’t stop with a bachelor’s degree; get a master’s degree if you can. If you really don’t want college, at least finish high school, then become an apprentice in a trade or finish a targeted program at a trade school, learn a skill that is becoming obsolete, but for which there is still a demand.

The very best thing about an education is that no one (barring brain damage or disease) can take your education away from you. You can lose all your money and your possessions, but your education will kick in and either entertain you or help you start over.

Go to school. It is the last free thing of positive value that we are offered in this society and it is priceless, even though you may not consider our schools to be at all perfect. And stop messing with each other’s egos and minds and bodies so that you can all get the most out of school. Delaying gratification will pay off – at least it has in the past.

One more time – go to school!

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