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I Found the Democrats

I thought the Democrats were missing but this week I found them at the Democratic National Convention. I was suddenly home. I am a Democrat. When I listen to other Democrats they think like I do. People make fun of that. Sometimes even my wonderful family makes fun of that. But I find it hard to believe that anyone could be anything else but a Democrat. Democrats talk about feelings. They talk about real American people and right now, that’s not always a fun topic. Real Americans have lost their jobs and their homes. They have found that their incomes are not buying the lifestyle they once did. They are finding it tough to send their children to college. In some cases they are finding it tough to put food on the table.
So I found my Democrats. I found them when I listened to Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood and Sandra Fluke, who Rush Limbaugh called a b-word. These women talked about a woman’s right to control her own health care and the decisions she makes about her own body. They talked about how many times these rights have been challenged in recent years. They were strong women and they really “fired up” the delegates. I found myself smiling and shaking my head “yes”. I found those missing Democrats when the Nuns on the Bus spoke up for the poorest Americans and said it is part of our responsibility to take care of those who are in need rather than attacking and humiliating them.
I found my political family when Michelle Obama talked about her family, her husband and her marriage and when she told us she loved Barack Obama more than ever. I was even more proud of my political family when Bill Clinton talked “arithmetic”, when he defended the choices that Obama made in his first four years, when he did it with humor and passion. He showed how the numbers the Republicans throw about do not add up. And then he nominated Barack Obama for President in 2012. I found the Democrats alive and kicking when they got tears in their eyes as they welcomed Gabby Giffords who led the Pledge of Allegiance. And I found the Democrats when I listened to Joe Biden talk about what it has been like to watch President Obama deal with the decisions he has had to make and how much respect he has for Barack Obama.
Now I am watching our President Barack Obama and he is not speaking with much humor, because the times don’t really give much scope for humor from the President. But he is speaking with passion and he is bringing tears to my eyes. He is talking about hope and change, but in a much more realistic way, the way a President talks about hope and change after four tough years. He is talking about real Americans who give him hope because of their strong spirits. He is talking about how he is not the change, we are the change. He says that if we believe in a country that is not for sale to the highest bidder we will need to vote for him in November. Everyone is standing. Whether or not we can keep the America of our dreams remains to be seen, but we have to try, we the people. After the Democrats I have found this week elect Obama in November, I hope they stick around this time to help him accomplish the things that need to be accomplished.