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Using Our Military As Pawns

Once again we are accused of being anti-American, at least some of us are not patriots – and that some of us according to the slant of today’s news, includes whoever will not compromise on the budget so our soldiers can get paid. This is not the first time our soldiers and their families have been used as a lever and it probably won’t be the last.

But our soldiers are fighting for their freedom and ours. It won’t be worth it to fight if we are giving away our freedom at home.

The Republicans have not come up with a good budget. It hinges on making us give up the separation of church and state that is one of the bases of our country’s freedom. The Republicans, or the Tea Party, or somebody, is trying to put their religion in our politics. They don’t need to do that because they are already free to pursue their own religious beliefs in their own way. But their beliefs tell them they must meddle in our lives or face some horrible fate in the afterlife.

It’s not even a good budget for a number of other reasons also, but mainly because it so shockingly favors the rich over the poor. This is not what enlightened societies do. Money is important, but it cannot trump compassion.

I think our soldiers would say hang tough, but I don’t believe they should even be in this position and I know our government possesses the tools to pay our soldiers even if the budget does not get done.