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Kassandra’s American Dream

This is a picture of my niece, Kassandra Barrack, fresh out of high school last June. She has been learning what life is like for untrained high school graduates. She is trying to juggle several jobs so she can save money. She would like to go to cosmetology school. Can you believe that cosmetology school costs $6000? I and all my sibs, cousins, etc. (and there are a lot of us) are Kassandra’s extended family, but we are not a wealthy family. No one can just give her $6000. In such a large family it is impossible to give to only one child; it would not be fair to others who have recently graduated or who will in the near future.

Kassandra has decided to open a page a

to try to raise her school costs on the internet.

I would never collect money on this blog on my own behalf but I don’t mind giving Kassandra’s fund a little publicity. If you are someone who can afford to give her a little somethin’ somethin’ I know she would really appreciate it.

Perhaps you were not aware of Go Fund It and you may decide to see if generous strangers will help you with your goals.

Kassandra, I wish you all the best and I hope you become the sorceress of hair real soon.

By Aunt Nancy