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Responses to the Anti-ACA Obsessed

When Republicans say that the ACA will turn people in to slaves they are using that Paul Ryan/Ayn Rand view that when the government takes care of people it turns them into unmotivated dependents who remain perpetually at the bottom of the economy.

Perhaps offering “respect” to these people the Republicans call “takers” in the form of actually caring about their health care will not rob them of initiative; perhaps it will actually tell them that they are valued by their society. Isn’t it possible that this new regard could help people value their own health and eventually their own future and actually serve to lift them up rather than keep them down?

The absolutely adamant opposition that has stalked the Affordable Health Care Plan since its inception seems several degrees tougher than laws that were stonewalled in the past. Most of those bills raised strong protests only until they became laws and they were usually opposed by those who labeled them “socialist” and those who keep constant eyes on America’s bottom line instead of on the citizens who struggle at the bottom of America’s economy (in other words, by the same people who oppose the ACA). The antipathy to the ACA has been several orders of magnitude more intense than was the disapproval campaign leveled against Welfare, or Medicare, or food stamps.

Of course we are talking about people who are just as interested in dismantling WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) a combination of citizens that it seems particularly cold-hearted to remove from the social safety net. I suppose the reasoning is that women, so supported, will continue to produce offspring that they could never afford if limited to their own resources. Of course, it still seems true that very few women will pull out a calculator before getting pregnant and this is still unlikely to happen even when help with prenatal vitamins and formulas is taken away. Most of us thought that America funded WIC because we are people who do not starve babies and young children, and because healthy moms produce healthier babies.

Clearly the web site for the ACA has been a terrible disappointment because it frustrates those who need health insurance and it provides fodder for the haters to continue crabbing about what a “disaster”, “train wreck” “everything horrible” this program, the Affordable Health Care Act, will be; it won’t work, it will be too costly, there won’t be enough doctors, forget getting scheduled for that procedure you need. Having a non-working web site lends credence to all of these arguments and makes us doubt this law. However, we realize that it  also just went into effect, that it has been hyped as the worst thing to happen to America, ever and that the House of Representatives has voted to repeal it 40+ times. Is the law cursed? Should Kathleen Sebelius be fired?

Is there any way on earth that we could just stop talking about this law for a while and let it roll out if it can and have all the good effects we hope it will have on people and on our economy and fail if it will? We are thoroughly sick of listening to the GOP harangue us about this program they call Obamacare. We are done with it, the law is law, the roll out has begun. We will see if it works or fails soon enough. I don’t need to see Katherine Sebelius get fired. We are also sick of all this “heads will roll” stuff. We are not completely sure that you haven’t hired people to sabotage the Health Care website (although I accept that this is really just wishful/paranoid thinking).

I’m not sure why there isn’t a table in every pharmacy where people can look over the plans and do the kind of registering that is needed. If we can give flu shots in Walmart and sell cable in Walmart why can’t we wheel in a locking file and a table and register people in Walmart, or at the grocery store? If new tech won’t work, why can’t we go old school? The news about the computer sites just keeps getting worse. On the evening news this Sunday we were told that Verizon had an outage and the web site was down again. I don’t really want a blow by blow description. Let’s talk about something else, please. Maybe if we aren’t commenting on every move the process will come together. Let’s talk about this NSA stuff for a while. That needs to have some light shined on it and some guidelines discussed that will not put our personal privacy at DEF CON 1 for at least another 50 years.

Here’s an interesting link about alternate ways to apply for health insurance under the ACA: