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High on Life – The Grammys

I learned to love music when I was very young and I used to twirl to polka music in the living room on Sundays to watch my dress bell. My cousins played piano and we all sang along when we visited them in Rochester. There was good music everywhere at college because the Crane School of Music was there and so were the Beatles (not in person of course). But I really learned to love music in the hippie days when we used to crank it up to nine and sit “Indian fashion” in front of the speakers with our heads down, intent on the riffs as we gave the music our full attention and appreciation.

                                I Shall Be Released

                                Careful With that Axe Eugene

                                In the Court of the Crimson King

                                Are You Experienced?

                                Our House is a very, very, very fine house

                                The White Album

Oh this list could go on and on forever but what it gave me was a “deep and abiding” love for all kinds of music.
So even now the Grammy’s make me high – all that good music, all those fine musicians – I’ve been smiling all night.What would life be without music? I loved the song that Rihanna sang (Stay) and I loved Maroon Five with Alicia Keys and Bruno Mars with Sting and Rihanna again and the Marley brothers. I have never heard Rihanna sing so well. And then there was Justin Timberlake with Jay Z, and Kelly Clarkson did that great Patti Page and also gave us back Carol King for a moment. Musical purists may not have been happy with everything they heard but, for me, it certainly far surpassed the usual TV fare. Watching the musicians in the audience enjoy what was happening on stage added to the sense that musicians sometimes become a close community of peers who truly appreciate each other’s creativity – how often does that happen? It was jammin’. You were there – you saw it, I don’t have to list every performance, but all that music puts just about any music awards show at the top of my list of great TV.

                                The Weight – Take a Load Off Fanny – hope you heard it!