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Texas, This is an Intervention; We Think You Need Therapy

Texas, you big baby! You’re like a dysfunctional child in a big family, a demanding child, always throwing tantrums. I suppose when you are the biggest state you tend to throw your weight around but you would get your own way more often if you didn’t always demand changes to the very things that are accepted as the law of the land in most other states. You are never dull, I will give you that, but you’re like this wild child that we wish we could give a long time out. You are like a juvenile delinquent who breaks all the rules just to prove that you are not bound by them. You want us to understand that you make your own rules and will never accept majority rule when you don’t agree with the majority.

Since you get your religion all mixed up in this perhaps you are more like the preacher’s son, rebellious but also devout. You are Fundamentalist in your religion (or perhaps Catholic), Fundamentalist in your interpretation of the US Constitution, and you are good ole boys with pickups and beer, but you also want America to stay white, Christian, English speaking, heterosexual, and the number one Superpower feared and respected around the globe. Some of these goals of yours are totally unrealistic (and not at all civil).

We have spent an inordinate amount of time paying attention to your concerns. You have complained that there is massive voter fraud and that we must tighten up voting by requiring voter ID’s. You have shown no sympathy for American citizens who might find it difficult to access the documents necessary to acquire such an ID. You don’t care if these voter are disenfranchised as a result of your obsession with your unsupported paranoia about illegal voters. Since Texas prides itself on being a “red” state you feel that it is a bonus if most of the votes you suppress are from people who will likely vote for Democrats.

You circumvent federal law which makes abortion legal and you have found ways to pack Texas State government with Evangelicals who cannot stay out of women’s reproductive lives, because, the Bible. Women with money are not much affected by this because they can afford to travel to have an abortion although it is an inconvenience. But the proliferation of TRAP laws which pass stringent rules for abortion clinics that are impossible for them to comply with have caused clinics to close all over Texas, especially in Western Texas thus forcing poor women, who cannot travel, to have unwanted children, to self-abort, or to perhaps cross over into Mexico for an abortion at their peril.

Not once have you tried to pass any laws that would help women financially while carrying a child to term against their better inclinations. Not once have you tried to pass laws that would help a women take a blameless hiatus in a career in order to give birth. And you also have not set up any alternative system to help the children who might be born to women who were in no position to raise them. Getting mixed up in women’s business because you feel you occupy a moral high road is another of the things you do, Texas, that drives the rest of us to keep a jaundiced eye on your rebellious ways.

We have long heard of your prickly fears that the Federal government is too powerful; that your state, and in fact all states need more autonomy and less helicoptering by Washington, a parent so overprotective as to be almost actually teetering on the edge of totalitarianism. (Gasp)

You whine that America wants to take away all your guns in order to prevent America from passing the teensiest laws regulating gun registration or ownership. You encourage the formation of belligerent, intimidating militias seemingly because you admire eccentrics. Yes the Constitution allows us to form militias, but in trying to protect your state from the big, bad federal government these folks are actually fomenting trouble with the big, bad feds.

Maybe you are all true paranoids or maybe you have learned that America will back off and give you space if they think you will explode under the slightest pressure. This allows you to get away with just about anything and once again you have our undivided attention. You have outdone yourselves this time. We can only shake our heads in wonder. Secret tunnels connecting Walmart stores as part of a conspiracy to turn US military exercises into a war on Texas? If we are going to go to war with Texas it looks like we should send in the shrinks, not the tanks. It is very telling that your Governor and Congressional leaders act like these conspiracy theories are real rather than groundless nonsense.

Get a grip, Texas! You are either just too needy or you do have an actual plot to take over America. We don’t know what to think except that we are just about at the end of our patience with you. Couldn’t you embrace normal for a while?

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By Nancy Brisson