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Should Conservative Talk Radio Hosts Moderate the Next GOP Debate?

Friday, 10/30/2015 the RNC cancelled the next debate with the mainstream media – this time, NBC – relative of CNBC, moderators of the previous debate. The candidates were very unhappy with the way the debate was run contending that they were not taken seriously. The questions, they said, were ‘gotcha’ questions, meant to demean the candidates by suggesting that they were jokes.

While I do not like the policies these extreme Republicans espouse I do think that these debates are meant to help voters hear what each candidate intends to do if they win the way to the White House. Asking someone if they are a cartoon figure is a question that should have no place in a serious debate.

Ted Cruz, who the media claims won the debate by calling attention to the tone of the moderators, said in an interview following the debate that he thinks the next debate should be moderated by Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin. I find this quite interesting. Whenever I hear guests on news shows mention that Talk Radio might play a role in the voices of the Tea Party and the partisan divide in Congress the media backs off from this topic and waves a hand to indicate ‘erase that’, move on. Of course, not all Talk Radio is right wing so perhaps the term is just inaccurate. At any rate it would be difficult to have these moderators because they have no TV network giving them access to such an expensive undertaking.

And so, although we don’t talk about it much, we all know that Conservative Talk Radio has been stoking white fear, anger, and hate for decades now. Although they moved from radio to TV they did not get to stay on TV for long. Telling white people that they are the true patriots, that America was intended to be a white, Christian nation, that liberal Democrats are actually socialists, or communists who are turning the Federal government into a 1984-style dictatorship controlling every aspect of human behavior has not helped the American dialogue one bit.

These Talk Radio guys had some right on their side. It seems true that Washington, in its supposed zeal to keep Americans safe, was starting to hem people in with some pretty invasive regulations. But these guys blew the dangers of mind control way out of proportion. It would be quite easy to back off on some of the more invasive of the constraints and intrusions like those of the NSA (which actually grew out of the Patriot Acts of the Republican Presidency of George W. Bush).

However, once white people were injected with the fear of obsolescence, the specter of a brown-skinned majority holding sway over the white folks who had perhaps mistreated folks who were not white, many Americas decided that they were not looking forward to changing places and moving to an ‘inferior’ position. These fears may be well-founded or not, but such a cultural flip may not be avoidable and may not entail the retribution people fear. It would take decades of extreme repression and some rabbit-like reproductive moves on the part of white people to keep this change in check, but people used to exploitation and then freedom would not easily allow themselves to suffer a new round of repression. Maybe making nice would be a better approach and since we all have the same DNA would represent a useful leap in cultural evolution.

Anyway, here we are with all these decades of propaganda catching up with the nation and on display every time the giant panel of GOP candidates takes the stage. Did Talk Radio create the Republican base that these Republicans must now answer to or did Tea Party politicians prime the harangues of Talk Radio to create this base which now holds their feet to the fire. Did they create their own Frankenstein monster which they now fear or are they quite happy with their monstrous creation? While income inequality and the lack of rights that help women and the middle class at work seem like much more germane issues for all but the richest Americans we are instead caught up in all these false cultural straw men that cannot be solved in any ways that fit the American Democratic ideals.

Still, it might be informative to watch a Republican debate moderated by the Talk Radio hosts who have gotten very wealthy by peddling their fear and hate. In many rather monstrous ways they personify the American Dream because Americans have never minded scamming their way to the top.

By Nancy Brisson

Ted Cruz/Cartoonish or Sinister?

Why would I find someone scary who sounds like Elmer Fudd and looks the tiniest bit like Woody Woodpecker, but I do? (OK, maybe it’s not Elmer Fudd he sounds like, but his speech has a certain nasal, whiny quality that sounds like someone. Who is that?) I’m talking about Ted Cruz. Here is a man with degrees from Princeton and Harvard who is trying to speak to his constituents like he is “everyman”. They’re buying it, it seems because he is not speaking like the lawyer, Senator, and arrogant man that he is. He is speaking to them as if he is just plain folks. Do any of us really believe that he would ever need to use the Affordable Care Act for his health insurance? His constituents are letting him whip up their emotions about a topic for which the pump has already been primed by years of Republican rhetoric against the ACA. The real work has already been done. Apparently, in spite of his bona fides, he knows how to talk “middle class speak” and pretend that he is one with his constituents who may not all be as well educated and economically comfortable as they appear. These folks are angry because they were defeated in two elections, their pride is hurt, and they have just enough power in the House of Representatives to keep them hopeful. This recipe of a wounded citizenry and a smarmy demagogue is a recipe for disaster.

When commentators ask what the Republican base wants and what they see in Ted Cruz, the newest answer is “purity”. They want their politicians to be “pure”. Yikes! What does that mean and where have we heard this before? Oh, I know where we heard it. It was in German just before Hitler stomped all over Europe. I don’t want to go “there” because ”there” is what got me writing in the first place. That was back when Republicans (Glenn Beck in particular) were comparing Obama to Hitler because of his ability to attract multitudes to his speeches. But what else would one think of when one (very strange) man wants things “his way or the highway” for our entire nation? I will only make this frightening connection once. I will hope, however, that every American keeps an eye on the man (the Canadian man) and that if the characterization I have hinted at fits, then I hope that everyone will give this man a wide berth, and never, ever let him govern America.

When anyone asks Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) if he’s crazy he says, “I’m not, my mother had me tested.” Did Ted Cruz’s mom have him tested? If you don’t agree that he looks something like Woody Woodpecker then perhaps you can see a resemblance to Napoleon.


This is the view from the cheap seats.

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Worse and Worse in Washington

OMGosh! As if Washington were not dysfunctional enough and already loaded with plenty of haters, now we have this unpleasant and self-righteous new Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. Let’s allow Texas to secede from the union. Maybe we do need to split into two nations since we already are two different nations. I thought I could not get any more depressed about the directions some people insist on for America’s future, but after watching Mr. Ted Cruz I am more depressed. I don’t have a clue about what to do to get this Congress to move and stop obstructing everything. I thought an election that resulted in a win would stop the madness, but I was wrong. How many years will this impasse last? The GOP plans to keep change at bay until they get re-elected and can put their plans into effect whether they have to manipulate the next election or not. They do not seem to mind the idea of winning by trickery or by bending the rules. Perhaps Democrats should do the same in 2014, but I hope they don’t because these kinds of moves will dismantle America as we know it.

Should we march on Washington and insist that Congress either work across parties or disband? I am so disgusted with our Representatives and Senators. I would never have foreseen that the Democracy I have always been so proud of could be subverted and co-opted or that any group of Americans would actually want to do this. It is frightening to watch people who want what they want so badly that they will betray the rules by which their government is supposed to operate. I am so tired of the nasty rhetoric. Our children are not only tuning into antagonism that is programmed into gaming media and television shows; they are seeing it every day on the news.

The only comfort I see is that Senator Cruz seems to be antagonizing both Republicans and Democrats which behavior will hopefully defuse any power he might think he has. I hope his rudeness will lead to his ostracism and that he will languish in a back water of the Senate. Perhaps the other Senators will find Mr. Cruz “arriviste” and overbearing and negative responses to his behavior will help to reconcile the two parties and we will see some bipartisan progress. I don’t think the objections we will have to Ted Cruz will have much to do with the fact that he was elected as a Tea Party rep. Our hostility may be because he seems to be “a giant knob”. How could the same Harvard that produced Obama, turn out this guy? I wish the entire GOP would “mellow out” because with recent weather events, the proximity of space rocks, mass shootings and Washington dysfunction it is starting to feel like we are at the nexus of a “perfect storm”, a present that is the exact opposite of where we would like to be.
This is the view from the cheap seats.