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Be A Responsible Citizen – Speak Up

Write to all the Republicans in Congress and tell them that you would like to see the Transportation Bill passed, please. (It wouldn’t hurt to write to all the Democrats too.) If there are two versions of this bill we want the one that will provide the most jobs and improvements.  For one thing, it would be wonderful to get one item accomplished before the election; for another, we need the jobs; and third, we actually do need to repair and update our infrastructure.

Here is some of what we have:

Here is some of what ohers have:

How will we compete?
Ask the search engine you prefer to supply you with a list of names and email addresses of Republicans in Congress and email them to let them know that you support the transportation bill and would like to see it passed. Just send to your own congressional representatives and ask them to share your “vote” with everyone. You can use one of these links to get Congressional addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses:
You could use this message in your email or write your own:
Dear Congressperson (or Dear_____________________)
Please pass the transportation bill right now. We need the jobs, our infrastructure is being neglected and we need to be competitive in global business. I don’t care about political parties in this matter, I just want to see something positive happen. Please pass the Federal Transportation Bill (in whichever form provides the most jobs) right now.
Perhaps our elected representatives in Congress assume by our silence that we are against the transportation bill. Speak up! Let those who are just stonewalling know that we see what is happening, but that this is our country too and need them to take action.