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Stream of Consciousness

**We need Obama’s Jobs Plan. It is not big enough to swamp us, and we will feel so much better if we see that, even in tough times, we can move forward and progress, maybe not in leaps and bounds but in baby steps. Write your representatives and tell them to pass the Jobs Plan, please.
**I can see the handwriting on the wall. NYS plans to let the hounds loose on the land and permit hydrofracking. This is the talk-back period. Order a sticker on line and vote with your car or your house so our fearless leaders can see where we really stand. If there are a majority of yea’s I will hold a little private vigil to say good-bye to our wonderful water and then I will shut up about this (maybe).
**In my town they are closing a popular downtown senior center. They say that they just can no longer afford to rent the space and pay the bills. In these times that is pretty believable. However, it is peculiar that the mayor did not consult the council. She made arrangements, in private, to oust the seniors and have them served (for a much smaller fee) by the Salvation Army. There has been a demonstration, a minor mutiny in the council and private fund-raising efforts (which did not come up with the funds needed), but the mayor stays adamant. Her strategy left a lot to be desired and it left me wondering if we now have dictators in America. I know we have czars (why?), but I thought we were still a democracy and so, apparently did a lot of other people. I just hope we don’t find that this property suddenly and magically “finds” a developer who has plans to contribute to the gentrification of downtown.
**The trial of Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor, will be taking over the media for weeks. To pay a private physician to be at your beck and call is a situation so unique that it will hard to draw any legal precedents from this. Dr. Murray may have been star struck by the Jackson persona and gob-smacked by dollar signs, but he, I’m sure, knew what he was doing was not right. Most musicians get addicted to something they can self-administer. What is so sad and difficult for us to grasp is that people like Michael Jackson with such talent and wealth can live in conditions of such extreme isolation and loneliness that they end up telegraphing their neuroses to us along with their art. Couldn’t anyone have saved Michael Jackson and helped him conquer his demons? Apparently not and we are the poorer for it. (OK, so I sometimes like the way the Brits talk – don’t we all?)
**I’ve also been thinking about Amanda Knox this week. I do not know if she killed her roommate or not, but I believe if she was on trial in America she would be acquitted because the evidence is so shoddy or so missing. Personally I hope she will be coming home next week. Then it will be up to her to deal with what she did or did not do. Can she ever live an ordinary life? If seems highly unlikely, but people do fly under the radar sometimes. If her conscience is clear, I wish her well. If it isn’t, Karma will probably take care of it.
**Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, has been pestered all week to run in the Republican Presidential primary. He says he is not motivated; he doesn’t feel fired up to be President. I say that statement will probably really hurt him if he does decide to run. He seems like a male version of Sarah Palin to me. He is theater.
**The third and fourth broadcasts of the X Factor auditions returned us to that natural high of watching really talented people get an opportunity to be discovered. We also got to enjoy a feud between the “girls” and the “boys” on the judging panel.
**Protestors from a group called Occupy Wall Street showed that America has a modicum of moxie, fairly pitiful compared to other nations, but suggesting that there are things to say.
**New Hampshire, Florida, Iowa, and South Carolina are playing Primary Day Leap Frog. Where will it end?
**One terrorist leader, Al-Awlaki, was killed by a drone this week and one Haqqani leader (a group I never heard of until this week) was arrested in Afghanistan. Taking out the leaders of terrorist movements raises questions, but doesn’t it save a lot of innocent lives by avoiding “collateral damage” among civilians?
**The economic climate seemed to lighten up a bit when Germany made moves to support struggling EU nations and our unemployment numbers didn’t go up, but Friday’s Stock Market put the kibosh on that.
**Cantaloupe and romaine lettuce and Listeria – yikes! – our food supply is getting scarier.
**The leaves are beautiful.

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