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Winning by Stealth and Circumstance

If you watched Grover Norquist on CNN this Sunday afternoon on Fareed Zakaria GPS then you are probably feeling either quite secure, or like me, you are astounded at the audacity of this man, or, also like me, you are shaking in your boots because you afraid that what he says may be true. I have been impressed with the Republican chutzpah which has allowed them, even though they lost in 2008, to use America’s economic woes and a President who naively wanted to be inclusive to hijack the political dialogue in America. They have seized this as the perfect moment to exploit a crisis and get limited government, no tax increases for the wealthy, deregulation, and to overturn both the Obama Health Care revisions and the laws that allow abortions (Roe v. Wade).
Some of us may think that we are still fighting against these initiatives (albeitin a sort of wimpy way), but I am afraid that the battle is going to be won by a group that has held together and pushed its agenda nonstop. I have never heard anyone’s ideas stated as clearly and as often as the Republicans over the last four years. Because of the help they are getting from behing the scenes, because of the failure of the Supercommittee, because of the state of the American economy, and because of the straitjacket they have place on Congress they are winning their agenda by stealth and by circumstance.
After seeing Grover Norquist’s self-satisfied face on Sunday afternoon I am thinking that the American agenda is actually being manipulated by those “gray men” of literary fame who pull the strings from behind. He insists that even if Obama wins the Presidency in 2012 Obama will be faced with a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate. He basically said “we (or perhaps the royal WE) have planned it and it will be so.” Even if this didn’t suggest behind the scenes manipulation, even if it was just like the “trash talking” at a baseball game, it was chilling. Will we let the GOP win their majorities? Will we let them implement their agenda? Even if we could prevent the first the fact that we have no cogent and detailed plan will probably doom us to live with (in fact we already are living with) some of that agenda they’ve been pushing ad nauseum. We are already seeing the cuts without the spending and I am betting we are in for more of it. I bet in a few years America will be the poorer for it.
It will be our fault. We are the “masses” that politicians sneer at and lead around by the nose. We are the “masses” who have let ourselves be swayed by drama, propaganda and (shame on us) political rhetoric.