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Reaction – State of the Union Address

I was listening to the State of the Union Address and Rebuttal last night, but I thought I was in the barnyard.

Obama was the cow saying, “Mooo-ve into the 21st century, Mooo-ve into the 21st century!

The Republicans were the chickens saying, “Cut-a, cut, cut, cut, cut-a, cut, cut cut.”

Obama was the successful farmer saying, “We need to spread around some manure, and plant some fresh seeds.”

The Republicans were the scared farmers saying, “We can’t afford any seeds or any manure this year. Let’s let the fields sit fallow for a few years.”

“But,” Obama, the successful farmer said, “fallow fields produce nothing. Properly fertilized and cared for fields will get us out of this slump. If we wait a few years we will be even less able to afford to plant a thriving crop.”

And the Republicans just say, “Cut-a, cut, cut cut.”!

The scared farmers say, “You’re just trying to get us to part with our money. You want to throw it away on the poor farmers. You want to form a collective.”

Obama, the successful farmer, says, “There shouldn’t be so many poor farmers. I don’t want a collective. I am proud of our farms, but a few farmers have become inordinately successful because of changes in the marketplace and because they have passed rules that allow them to hog all the profits. They can hang on to their ill-gotten gains and watch the farms fail or they can work to change the laws and provide a little fertilizer and seed money so that all farmers can succeed in the this new marketplace.”

“It’s every farmer for him/herself,” say the scared farmers, “that’s the way things have always been.”

“Well you can continue in that vein,” says Obama, the successful farmer (who won), “but that may mean the end of America as we know it. You’ll have a few rich people and everyone else will be poor. They don’t want you to come and work their farms, they just want it to be possible to continue farming their own land.”

The Republicans just say, “Cut-a, cut, cut, cut!”

And I say; YOU LOST!, YOU LOST! Y0U LOST! Yes I am shouting, because you are not listening. We, the American people, are asking you to try Obama’s way. Try it now or at least get out of his way. Stop looking like grim, disapproving 19th century robber barons and doom sayers and get on the 21st century train. The entire marketplace has changed. We don’t have great paying jobs for people who want to leave high school and go right to work. We don’t even have great paying jobs for people who graduate from college and are ready to work. If we don’t have a government that helps spread some manure and plant some fresh seeds we will be left behind in the race to have a profitable place in the new global marketplace.

We probably do need to fix Medicare so it can continue to function in the future, but we don’t need to do it this year. The Affordable Care Plan doesn’t even kick in until next year. We may need a fix for Social Security, but we don’t need that this year either. We need you to avert the sequester and we need you to let Obama try his plans to stimulate growth. We need you to stop acting like arrogant know-it-alls and shoulder a bit of the humility that comes with losing an election.

So let’s have more fertilizer and more fresh seed and a lot less cut-a, cut, cut cut.