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Fine Places

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I am sorry we lost Steve Jobs. I am sorry that he fell victim to cancer and that he had to suffer with such a long illness, although he really seemed to appreciate and make use of any years he gained through treatment and he definitely downplayed any pain he felt, at least in the public arena. I am sorry for his family because I know they will miss him every day.
I had a moment of epiphany last night, however, when I realized how much these computer geeks, wizards, or whatever we wish to call them, with Steve Jobs among the vanguard, contributed to the globalization we are wrestling with now.
Developed nations have had electricity, indoor plumbing, and fancy kitchens for over a century and yet undeveloped nations seemed happy with, or at least resigned, to their lifestyles which to us appeared quite basic and “backward”. Television was so easy for the leaders of restrictive nations to control that citizens of these nations possibly did not get to even see how people lived in other nations. Of course, people would come back home to visit from more developed countries, if that was even possible, and tell stories or show photos, but it may have all seemed to have an element of fantasy.
But, somehow, the computer skirted around dictators and got to the people. Once we had something like a computer in a cell phone that was wireless or even a wireless laptop this form of media became much harder to censor or block. So I guess we can trace global consumer demand and “Arab Springs” back to Steve Jobs, et al. I know globalization seems like a dirty word right now, but on a planet as small as this, given our penchant for poking our noses in every corner of our world, globalization was inevitable.
I wish we didn’t lose Steve Jobs because, if he had more time he may have taken us to some other really fine places. He will be remembered.
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