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Republicans Winning at State Level

The Republicans may have been doing nothing in Washington, DC but they have been very busy in the states. I don’t know about you but it makes me very nervous that 2/3 of our states have Republican governors and over half have a Republican majority in both houses of their Congress. For a party that is trying to restore Federalism in which the Federal government takes a minor role and most domestic power goes to the states I would say that the GOP is on point to implement this facet of their “plan” should they win control in Washington. This is one more reason in a growing list of reasons why we should not let this happen. If you like the Federal-State mix we have now, if you like Medicare and Social Security, if you feel the Federal government should use some of our tax dollars to make sure  children don’t starve in America  and that our disabled are cared for and our poorest citizens are not abandoned, then I say “be afraid,  be very afraid. Republicans do not wish the middle class well and as for the poor and society’s other dependents, they seem only to desire to cut them loose.
1.        Alabama                 Robert Bently                          2015                        Both houses Republican

2.        Alaska                     Sean Parnell                            2014                        Both houses Rep.

3.        Arizona                    Jan Brewer                              2015                        Both houses Rep.

4.        Florida                     Rick Scott                                 2015                        Both houses Rep.

5.        Georgia                   Nathan Deal                            2015                        Both houses Rep.

6.        Idaho                       Butch Otter                             2015                        Both houses Rep.

7.        Indiana                    Mike Pence                             2017                        Both houses Rep.

8.        Iowa                        Terry Branstaad                      2015                        Houses are split

9.        Kansas                     Sam Brownback                      2015                        Both Houses are Republican

10.     Louisiana                 Bobby Jindal                            2016                        Split

11.     Maine                      Paul LePage                            2015                        Both houses Democratic

12.     Michigan                 Rick Snyder                             2015                        Both houses Republican

13.     Mississippi              Phil Bryant                              2016                        Both houses Rep.

14.     Nebraska                 Dave Heineman                      2015                        Non partisan

15.     Nevada                    Brian Sandoval                        2015                        Both Houses Democratic

16.     New Jersey             Chris Christie                           2014                        Both houses Democratic

17.     New Mexico            Susana Martinez                     2015                        Both houses Democratic

18.     North Carolina        Pat McCrory                            2017                        Both houses Republican

19.     North Dakota          Jack Dalrymple                        2016                        Both houses Republican

20.     Ohio                        John Kasich                             2015                        Both houses Rep.

21.     Oklahoma               Mary Fallin                              2015                        Both houses Rep.

22.     Pennsylvania           Tom Corbell                            2015                        Both houses Rep.

23.     South Carolina        Nikki Haley                              2015                        Both houses Rep.

24.     South Dakota          Dennis Daugaard                    2015                        Both houses Rep.

25.     Tennessee               Bill Haslam                             2015                        Both houses Rep.

26.     Texas                       Rick Perry                                2015                        Both houses Rep.

27.     Utah                        Gary Herbert                           2017                        Both houses Rep.

28.     Virginia                   Bob McDonnell                       2017                        Both houses Rep.

29.     Wisconsin               Scott Walker                           2015                        Both houses Rep.

30.     Wyoming                Matt Mead                              2015                        Both houses Republican

Here it is in map form (you know the red states are Republican):


·         27 Republican controlled legislatures

·         17 Democratically controlled legislatures

·         5 Split Legislatures

·         1 Officially non-partisan legislature (Nebraska)
It takes 270 electors to win the Presidency in the electoral college. By my count the current state of the states gives Republicans 311 electoral votes. While it is possible that the popular vote in a given state might not reflect  the configuration of the state’s government, it also seems very possible that those in power are a reflection of the sentiments of the voters in that state. Here’s the map:



This is the view from the cheap seats

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