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An Easter Gift – The Game of Thrones on HBO

I know last Sunday was Easter Sunday and I should have been having dinner with the family and watching those six entertaining toddlers that are underfoot right now and those 2-3 preteens who avoid us like the plague, but my sister and mom were ill on Easter and since I had spent a good part of the week in their company, I did not want to infect all the beautifully dressed children; so I stayed home on Easter. This is the first year I have missed both the family Christmas and the family Easter festivities. Think of all the calories I saved myself. I also had to finish caulking the bathtub because I was expecting company later in the week and my bathtub occupies a prominent place in my one and only bathroom.

There was an unexpected bonus to reward me for my thoughtful absence from Easter dinner. Time Warner, my cable company, offered a whole weekend of free HBO viewing which I finally concluded involved all of the various HBO channels. One of the HBO channels was playing past episodes of The Game of Thrones all day leading up to the first offering for Season 3at 10 pm Sunday night. So instead of feasting on lasagna, which was the family dish of the day, and M&M’s and jelly beans, I got to feast on this ersatz middle ages saga which is adapted from the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin.

Sometimes it is difficult to watch a movie after you have already read the book, and especially difficult as in this case I have read all five books published so far. As a reader you form a picture in your mind of what people look like and what locations look like and it is difficult for a movie to satisfy the images of one reader, let alone the many, many readers who have enjoyed these books. I have to say, after frying my brain with too much TV and by the time my eyes were begging for mercy; I found the TV version very satisfying. I will never know if it would have been easy to follow if I watched the TV presentations before reading the books, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it except to take the roasted chicken out of the oven and to compose a plate of food to eat in front of the TV.

Now I argue with myself daily about whether or not I can add HBO (no) and if I will be able to wait until the DVD’s come to Netflix or to the library (yes). I have already fallen for far too many cable company offerings. Oh woe! Waiting is so difficult but I have my frugality to keep me happy. Does frugality make me as happy as indulgence? Of course not, but it really helps my bank account. I must stay strong. I did also manage to do a creditable job with the caulking during battle scenes.