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Egypt: Nostalgia and Hope

Egypt – we miss you. You were the exotic land of the Pharaohs and the Pyramids and of Antiquity that we loved to visit. We loved to ride your camels and sail in your feluccas and eat your tasty food. We loved your colors and your liveliness and we loved hating your driving.
I hope Egyptians are not suffering from “buyer’s remorse”.  It would be easy to miss the “old” Egypt because it was peaceful and it worked (sort of) – but it was not working for everyone and that’s what led to change. That the changes have not gotten Egyptians where they wanted to go is the sad reality of now. But there is still hope that Egyptians will be able to get where they want to go in time. What is required is a clear picture of the government and the society they would like to live in. Perhaps that is what Egyptians are supposed to be doing right now, inventing their future, which I don’t think involves living under a military dictatorship any more than it involved living under a civilian dictatorship.
Whatever you become we will still love you. Take your time and get it right. And stop taking out your frustrations on each other at soccer games if you can.