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A Valentine Beauty Break – Snowy Egrets

Nature provides us with some of the most beautiful and most terrible experiences; experiences that provide us with highs and lows; experiences that are spiritual or that soothe our troubled hearts or that send us into a tailspin of loss and force us to fight our way back to a life we once took for granted. In the midst of a grey winter, where blue skies are scarce and life becomes a bit monotone/monotonous the beauty that nature provides us can lift us up and remind us that if we look for beauty we can find it. Of course my family right now is full of toddlers, so beauty is never far away, but that beauty also brings some chaos with it. Snowy egrets provide a more serene beauty although I am sure their lives are as fraught with struggle as any of ours. Still they have an elegant beauty that has been recognized by cultures both ancient and modern and so, courtesy of Bing, here are some images of  great and snowy egrets to help you transcend any petty disappointments that Valentine’s Day might bring, or just to lift your spirits.