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Heist: Who Stole the American Dream – Movie

On March 5th a new movie called Heist: Who Stole the American Dreamwill air on-line. I received a hand-out about this film in the mail from a friend in California and I will quote it here:

The film Heist traces the 2008 economic collapse back to a secret 1971 memo, titled Attack on American Free Enterprise System. This was written by then-business-lawyer (later Supreme Court Justice) Lewis Powell. Requested by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, the memo – a free market treatise – urged big business to make over government by controlling the media, academia, clergy and arts and science, and by destroying organized labor and consumer protection groups. Powell’s real end-game was business control of law and politics.
In systematic detail, Heist exposes how Powell’s plan was implemented:  Both the GOP and Dems deregulated business, outsourced jobs and enacted tax breaks for the rich, leading to the 2008 global financial crisis and weakening of the middle class. Heist looks deeply into the greatest wealth transfer of our time, beyond the noise of today’s polarizing media, and gives viewers a clear, concise, fact-based explanation of how we got into this mess, and what we need to do to restore our representative democracy.

This will take you to the video trailer for the movie on You Tube.

The movie will air on the following site for free from March 5th – 7th beginning at noon PST: