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Judging Internet Posts: Quantity vs. Quality

I get the feeling that the only one not making some money from my blog is me. Since I don’t really understand all the ins and out of monetizing I may, of course, be mistaken. All kinds of people advertising things like Blogging for Dummies or their own newest book (which shows how to make money from blogs) seem to my unpracticed eye to be directing people away from my website or to be piggy-backing in some way on my web site, often, I guess, using me as an example of what not to do.

If you Google The Brissioni Blog (and Brissioni is not a common word) I am still at the top of the search results. But I have written 1030+ posts and after the first five entries I am seeing search results like these:

Trey-Jones.Info77cures-trey jones official review site

 (I have never heard of Trey Jones)


Alex J does claim to be a reviewer but I did not find an actual review. This does seem to be a legitimate website, but it has no connection with my site that I know of.

If I place a comment on someone else’s blog, that comment somehow rises to the top of my search results, but the entry will not take you to my blog; it will take you to theirs.

There are many more such entries in my search list that never used to be there and I just don’t get how it happens or what it means.

One of these guys (mentioned above) writes about how to get to the top of the leader board. Apparently writing (or photographing or designing) your heart out is not the way. You are supposed to learn internet tricks, things like key words, back links (whatever those are). In other words you succeed on the internet by learning how to pull strings that have been designed by internet search engines to pick sites that rise to the top like cream on milk. It’s sort of like cheating on a test. It’s all about quantity, not quality. I guess the idea is that quantity must indicate quality, but I don’t think this is always the case. You apparently do not need a great site or any creative content if you just build a website whose only goal is to rise to the top whether it deserves to be there or not. These sites often become parasites who steal from people who don’t know how to cheat, who don’t like to cheat, or who want to be recognized for their own effort or creativity. There is a lot of pressure to build these mysterious quantitative measures of success into your blog. If you know how to pull those hidden strings, for example, you can place yourself, like a barnacle, and gradually hide the original construct with a new bogus product which, oddly enough, will allow you to profit from the internet. Internet users can actually buy followers. It bothers me that I don’t have enough IT skills to burn these barnacles, to scrape them away so that they cannot “use” my blog. It bothers me that when I Google my blog I am mostly missing from the search results.

But I must admit that I have not worried so much about looking for advertisers or payers because I want the freedom to say what I wish. I don’t want to embarrass a sponsor by stating an opinion they would not want to be associated with. But fending off the attacks of these users (and I don’t mean users in a nice way) is just beyond my computer talents. I will persevere and hope that Blogger will look into some of these abuses. They have been responsive so far. If some of these sites are not parasitic then I apologize. However, it is still true that just because you can do something, i.e. you know how to do something, doesn’t mean that you should do it.

Blogger has created templates that produce attractive posts and their structure makes it easy to post a quite professional looking blog. But Blogger has not exactly done anything to showcase my blog either. The “follower” process is so onerous that most people balk at completing it. The comment section doesn’t work. In fact, if seems as if other bloggers are the only people who can interact with the blogs on Blogger (sorry to say the “b” word so many times). They only highlight blogs with lots of followers so if you can’t negotiate the “follower” process you are out of luck. Could there be people who suppress my posts on purpose? Since I do express opinions with a definite point of view it is possible, but this is most likely just a tinge of paranoia. Of course, Blogger could just be trying to shut out a lot of the mean attack comments that are so common on political websites thinking that these comments will be too demoralizing to me, but since meanness seems to bring more traffic to a site I doubt that this is Blogger’s motive. Blogger may just be a laissez-faire group of administrators who basically only interfere when absolutely necessary.

I will arrive at a total # of 100,000 visitors sometime very soon and that feels like a real milestone. With so little feedback I have no idea what my visitors reactions are to my articles. Google+ has finally afforded me a chance to get some reinforcement from my visitors, but most of my Google+ friends do not comment on my content, so I have no idea if they are readers or just visitors. Whether they read or just visit, I certainly do appreciate them. I have met many nice and very talented people on Google+ and I thank them for their support. Maybe I will buy that book Blogging for Dummies and try to learn more about the technical aspects of blogging. I never enjoy feeling stupid.