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Neutron Dance

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Yesterday on CNN someone read the news that there may be particles that can move faster than the speed of light (neutrinos), which means we may find the next step after E=mc2. The universe is a deep and profound place.

We often believe one truth until we learn the next one. This does not always mean that the first truth will not remain useful on some level. If you need to know what will happen in a speed of light environment Relativity Theory will still apply. However, it stimulates our minds to entertain the belief that if a neutrino can move faster than the speed of light then a space ship may be able to tap into that stunning energy to also travel through space without using up huge chunks of human time.

So we don’t necessarily have to “dis” Einstein as they did all day yesterday. What he did was exciting and scary and changed everything. Maybe we’re just on the cusp of finding the next puzzle clue that will solve another riddle and take us into a new technology – maybe to the Space Age.

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