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Lock Up Your Guns

We definitely are aware that we have the right to bear arms. It is almost as impossible to talk about guns in America as it is to talk about abortion. Guns seem to have more supporters than children who live in poverty do. Almost any person in America can own as many guns as s/he wishes to own. I understand that I cannot fight the National Rifle Association and I don’t really want to. Perhaps knowing that most of the citizenry is armed helps keep America free, although many people question how much freedom we retain even with our personal armories.
Our children are another story, however. Why do our children have access to guns? Children should not be able to get a gun anywhere. If a child is a hunter some parent should be charged with locking up guns when they are not in use for hunting. Children who have guns are killing other people’s children. Over and over again this is happening. Will we wait until there are grieving families in every community in America before we convince parents that they need to have a safe place to park the family’s guns. I suppose it might be possible to convince even street gangs and criminals to see that minors do not have access to guns. For an adult to make a decision that will ruin his/her life is one thing. We accept that we must live with our adult choices. But for children to make choices that will take away any chance they have of living a free life should strike all of us as wrong. If there is any way that we can intervene in such a sad trajectory, then we should embrace it. Locking up weapons is such a simple, no-brainer, solution. We try to legislate away all of the risks that we face in this life, but we cannot. A new law is not the answer; a new attitude is the answer.
No child should have to sit in a school cafeteria or a classroom or a gym wondering if someone is going to turn the room into a shooting gallery and a hall of horrors. How does a child ever feel safe again after something like this? This is such a cowardly act. It takes no bravery to kill unsuspecting people who cannot escape someone’s murderous vengeance against slights that were perhaps perpetrated by others. Park your guns and park them in a safe and secure place. Do not allow your children to use your guns unless you are there to supervise. Actually I don’t really have to speak with gang members and criminals because the people killing our students have not, as far as I know, belonged to a gang. They have been loners who felt alienated and abused. Apparently asking children to be kinder to each other is not realistic, so please, LOCK UP THE GUNS.