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With All This Choice, No Choice, Just Rubber Stamps

GOP Candidates who have announced that they are running:

Ted Cruz

Rand Paul

Marco Rubio

Ben Carson

Lindsey Graham

Mike Huckabee

John Santorum

George Pataki

Carly Fiorina

Still to come:

Jeb Bush

Scott Walker

Chris Christie

Donald Trump (?)

Bobby Jindal

John Kasich

(As of June 4, 2015 – )

And each of these Presidential hopefuls has a different platform – right? Not so much. They might as well be a set of rubber stamps. There are minor differences, of course. Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush might be willing to do something about immigration, but probably not a path to citizenship. A few say they will make no changes to Social Security. All favor making federal government smaller. Almost all are anti-abortion. All want to scrap social programs. All want to end Common Core (not really a very controversial issue). Almost all oppose legal marriage between anyone other than a male and a female. Almost all do not believe in climate change. Some don’t even want to hear those words said in their presence. Many are hawks and think we should be more hands-on (boots-on) in the Middle East.

Why even have debates when the candidates must all bow down before the Koch brothers anyway and when they all want to turn America into Kansas? Yikes! This time around it is probably easier to pick the ones we definitely do not want rather than to choose one we do want.

So just narrow it down to ones who are the most tolerable and then pick the one whose looks and mannerisms might help dilute the hating that we will be doing if the GOP wins.

The GOP did its shady homework. It has laid down the groundwork to win in 2016 long ago. It saw the courts stuffed with conservatives and said, “Eureka, this is our moment!”

The GOP knew that the voting rights act was coming up for a vote and they were pretty sure they could get that key section of the law where “clearance” resided chucked out. And they did. Perhaps I should be Biblical, “And so it came to pass.” They did not wait five minutes to start a most un-American campaign of voter suppression.

They already had their extreme gerrymandering in place.

They were making their fairly successful assault on state governments and they were obstructing all over the place.

However, they could not keep their tactics secret forever. People began to see the sick majesty of their overall strategy. But it is probably too late. The GOP is feeling pretty smug these days. It is probably too late to stop the GOP 2016 election train.

The folks in Wisconsin aren’t complaining and you would think they would be under that rather fascist brown shirt Scott Walker (Who wants a motorcycle man for our President? Well maybe another motorcycle man.) Kansas isn’t up-in-arms as Sam Brownback dismantles their public schools. What’s up with that? Do we not have any fight left in us?

Take this quiz on the issues to find out who is your cup of tea, or perhaps you like coffee:

By Nancy Brisson