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Why We Need A Space Program

There’s nothing new under the sun. Well that’s a slight exaggeration, but we have walked all over this planet, trekked into almost every corner, scaled every mountain peak, explored every waterway. We could probably learn more about the bottom of the ocean, but nothing totally unpredictable. We have left our footprints, fingerprints, bodily fluids, just about everywhere on Earth. We have rescued daredevils in every bizarre situation: under avalanches, on glaciers, at the bottom of sheer cliffs, clinging to sheer cliffs, in deep chasms, on raging rivers, stormy oceans and more. We seem to have tons of humans who are way too adventurous for our over-explored planet. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand could just sent them off to discover a continent or two. Alas, all of our continents have been discovered. Now our adventurers have taken to the stock market for thrills. Only new frontiers can save our economy. Every time these adventurers, these “bungee jumpers” go too far, either on the slopes or in the market, it costs all of us money. Sometimes it even costs lives. We can be inspired, I’ll admit, but often we are “shafted”.

We need a space program to accommodate these “hot dogs”, these “adrenaline junkies”. We’ll turn them into “space cowboys and girls”. We’ll get back our peace, our tranquility, and maybe, if their discoveries are valuable, we’ll get back a stable and healthy economy.