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Our Guns

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Guns – such a potent issue. I do not deny that our Constitution guarantees us the right to bear arms. As with most things in our Constitution there are probably other documents, written around the same time as the Constitutional Conventions that offer insight into where our forefathers were coming from. They came from societies ruled by kings and emperors, rulers who had absolute power. There were no democracies operating at that time although the classics contained examples and some contemporary writers were describing possible democracies or republics. I believe the forefathers intended citizens would use guns to protect their new government from turning to some totalitarian design.

What was the population of the original thirteen colonies? Sources say it was 392,900 in 1790 (including slaves). Consider our population today of 300,000,000 (300million). In 1790 our continent was largely unexplored and unsettled. It must have seemed enormous and very wild to the colonists and new American settlers clinging to the eastern edges of the continent. Today you cannot easily find a place where you will be completely alone. I think these differences ought to somehow inform our modern decisions about guns. Isn’t there any way we protect ourselves from a horrible dictator without turning modern day America into the Wild, Wild West?

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