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Live Cam

For at least a decade we were treated to a live cam showing a peregrine falcon pair laying their eggs, and raising their young chicks (if you call a baby falcon a chick) on tall downtown buildings. It was an up-close glimpse into a world we would never be able to observe without disturbing it or without being attacked by a sharp-taloned peregrine mom. Today we still see some of those falcons soaring above the territories they have claimed. They are huge and deadly and yet I cannot help watching raptly whenever I see one riding thermals or whatever is happening up there with the wind. We may be a bit nervous when a falcon decides to hunt our neighborhood. We may worry about our cats and kittens. In this context we tune into the fact that this is a predator looking for prey. But falcons don’t prey on humans so we are able to live with them.
This year there is a live cam at Cornell University trained on a nesting pair of great blue herons. These shy and lovely birds, who we love to spot from our cars when we are traveling or on our lakes, ponds, and rivers when we are hiking, are very shy and they raise their young in swampy areas, high in trees where they are difficult to observe. We almost never get a view of their eggs or their chicks. The picture you will see shows the female heron looking at three eggs in her nest, but there are now at least four. I will also include the link to take you to this site. Be patient, the site has a lot of viewers and is sometimes unavailable.
I think this is a twofer. It looks like there is also a camera  watching a red-tailed hawk pair.