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Rand Paul – No Mitch McDeere Here

Rand Paul looks almost angelic (except for the deathly-white skin around his eyes – is he a drinker, is it that Aqua Buddha people are always talking about?). He looks like a Southern lawyer in a John Grisham book who would like to be a shark, only in the game for the money, but is too compassionate to make a success of that life choice. He looks like someone who will fight for humanity and do it pro bono if he must. However, don’t be fooled; there is nothing angelic about him. He only looks like this when his face is at rest.  He is a snob and he is mean-spirited. He never has anything nice to say or anything positive to offer. As soon as he opens his mouth know-it-all nastiness emerges. He has prospered through his father’s efforts but he blames the poor for their own poverty.  He appears to believe that he is more intelligent than the rest of us and that is why he feels justified in his radical beliefs about government. I don’t like him, I don’t respect him and that supercilious face he wears totally belies that whole Southern-lawyer-with-a-conscience thing his face has going for it in the rare moments when his mouth is not spewing cynical nonsense.

So I did decide that I had better gather some facts to prove just how cynical and misanthropic Rand Paul really is. Rand Paul, before being elected to the Senate from the state of Kentucky was a 50 year old ophthalmologist who graduated from Duke School of Medicine. He is a supporter of the Tea Party movement as you probably know and he is also known as a libertarian (which puts him in the same boat as Grover Norquist, a fan of a very small federal government). His political views don’t do anything to redeem him in my eyes. The things he believes about government and humanity are diametrically opposed to the beliefs I hold. He thinks that anyone with any intelligence would arrive at the same conclusions he has about the intrusive nature of our current federal government which he believes robs people of initiative and autonomy. What Rand Paul and these anti-government politicians fail to register is the chaos and misery that will ensue in an America without structure. If they wanted to tweak government by making it trimmer and more efficient, less subject to pressure from powerful lobbies and more honest, if they wanted to put government on a diet so to speak, that might be a positive strategy (depending on what they wanted to tweak and how much). Going back to a government which deals mainly with foreign relations and defense and to an America that is a loose collection of disparate states will not, I believe, meet the needs of a population that is large and likely to get larger. I just cannot get my brain around a vision of what this America would look like.

Here are some of the least palatable ideas that Rand Paul backs:

·         Keep the sequester, and increase it to $4T. (Feb., 2013)

·         Roll back federal spending to 2008 levels. (Jan., 2012

·         Debt crisis is approaching a point of no return. (Feb., 2011)

·         End the Federal Reserve (Sept., 2010)

·         No national law on same sex marriage; leave it to states  (May, 2013)

·         Voted NO on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act (Feb., 2013)

·         Obama’s “You didn’t build that” insults American workers (Aug., 2012)

·         Community treatment instead of federal anti-drug programs (Aug., 2010)

·         Allow school choice for everyone, white, brown, or black (Feb., 2013

·         Supports homeschooling and parental responsibility (Jul, 2010)

·         Unelected EPA should not regulate greenhouse emissions (Oct., 2010)

·         Energy crisis stems from too much government intervention (Jul, 2010)

·         Voted NO on protecting ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes ecosystems (May, 2011)

·         Exit the UN; maintain US sovereignty (Nov., 2010)

·         Identify constitutionality in every new congressional bill (Jul., 2010)

·         Audit federal agencies, to reform or eliminate them (Jul., 2010)

·         ObamaCare is still unconstitutional, despite Supreme Court (Aug., 2012

·         Replace over-regulation with free market principles (Jul., 2010)

·         Opposes government-run health care (Aug., 2010)

·         Defund, repeal, and replace federal care with free market (Jul., 2010)

·         Only Judiciary can detain and drone, not the President (Mar., 2013)

·         Defense should be largest part of much smaller budget (Feb., 2011)

·         Supports banning homosexuals in the military (Aug., 2010)

·         I’m “a pro-life Christian; denies worshiping “Aqua Buddha” (Oct., 2010)

·         Raise the retirement age to deal with Baby Boomers (Feb., 2011)

·         Social Security is a Ponzi scheme (Aug., 2010

·         Supports private retirement accounts (Aug., 2010)

·         Stand firm and say NO to any MORE tax hikes! (Feb., 2013)

·         Supports flat-rate federal tax; opposes increased tax rates (Aug., 2010)

If these Rand Paul “talking points” and voting stances don’t sound so bad, you need to watch the venom with which he spews them out.


There’s more; here’s the link if you are interested. There’s a great chart summarizing Rand Paul’s answers to a series of questions that have been answered by a number of congressional representatives.