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The Role of Rachel Maddow in the Media and in Politics

Photo from The Washington Post
Rachel Maddow sometimes makes me feel like saying “get on with it girl” because she is so meticulous about including all the tiny details in the well-researched stories she tells us each weeknight on MSNBC. She could very easily be a big picture person; she has that in her intelligence arsenal I am sure. However, she chooses to lead us into the dark underbelly of politics, down to the murky roots where the lice live.

Rachel Maddow is a great nit-picker. She hunts down every little nit until that particular political scalp is picked clean. I’m sorry, Rachel, I should have chosen a nicer analogy, but nit-pickers are often parents who are performing the very nurturing, although perhaps distasteful, service of ridding their child of parasites.

This is the exact service you are performing for us. Your reports of what Conservatives were about in Virginia, reports exposing the quiet attempts right-wingers were making to plant their lice in secret places where they went unnoticed at first; that was nit-picking at its best. You told us about the corruption of the current governor, Bob McDonnell, and you told us about what was going on at the local level where Conservatives were stuffing local government councils with right-wingers so they could play with voter suppression unopposed. You kept shining your spotlight on Ken Cuccinelli until that particular louse had no shadows left to hide in. He must have realized how extreme his viewpoints were and how few people could stomach that nonsense, but he thought he had stacked the deck so far in his favor that he couldn’t lose. He left his little nits everywhere, too numerous it seemed to get at them. But our national nit-picker did it. She exposed enough to our view that healthy democracy was able to reassert itself, shaking off the parasites.

Now she is nit-picking in New Jersey. What juicy louse will turn up this time? If you aren’t aware of what happened recently on the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, New Jersey  you should give a listen. Politics has always been a business of high ideals and back room deals; of ideology and shadowy strategy, of soaring patriots (real ones) and lousy scoundrels. If anyone can help our current crop of politicos spend more time on the high road and less time planting those pesky and parasitical nits, the better off our democracy will be. This is the yucky but incredibly useful thing that Rachel Maddow takes on because she believes in fairness.

Rachel Maddow was just hired to write a column in The Washington Post once a week. Congratulations Rachel. What dark eggs planted in out-of-the-way nests will she ferret out next? Watch that spot! (If you can – it is behind the pay wall.)
By Nancy Brisson